Duke is a very self-confident dog. What do I mean by that? I mean that he owns the house and usually, he thinks it’s okay if we live here too. It is a most generous attitude, though I suspect much of it is concerned with making sure he gets fed. No matter how high his confidence, he still lacks thumbs.

Today’s Duke

The other morning, I felt a firm kick to my shoulder. The Duke had moved up to the top of the bed and was doing his best to move Garry and I out of it. He apparently needed to stretch out. He could have easily done that at the bottom of the bed which was unoccupied since Garry and I are short. I suppose he felt he should be able to sleep at the top of the bed because that was where we were sleeping. If it was good enough for us, it would be good for him.

Or, maybe he just likes pushing us out of bed. For a medium-sized dog, he’s got some serious power in those pointy paws.

He has no hesitation about pushing us out of the bed, making sure there’s more than enough room for him to have the middle of the sofa, or knocking my hands off the computer — which my computer doesn’t like at all. He objects to my using the computer because it takes up too much room which otherwise he could use for his afternoon nap. This would be the nap following his long night of sleep and his other naps.

Thoughtful Duke waiting for supper

Around noon — give or take an hour — he gets up and heads for the kitchen. He jumps up and down and begs for cookies. Then, if he sees me going out to feed the birds, he pushes past me in the hopes of getting to chase a squirrel. The squirrels are nowhere near when he comes out. They hear him and jump off into the trees, but he loves running around the deck, sniffing squirrel scent. I think it’s his version of perfume. He wouldn’t know what to do with a squirrel anyway but oh, that smell!

After this, it’s time for another nap — rapidly followed by the high point of his day, supper!

Sometimes, he brings us toys and balls to throw, but he only brings them back when he feels like it. He expects us to throw it and if he doesn’t feel like running after it, we should go get it and throw it again. Maybe he’ll go after it. Maybe not. You’d have to ask him why he brings us toys, waits for us to throw them, then just sits there and laughs at us.

I’m sure he has a reason. We just have no idea what it is.

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  1. I used to call that ‘sniffing after anything’ Reading the Doggie Paper….
    and our really small dachsie managed easily to sneak (discreetly, very differently to Duke!) from the footpart of the bed up to be found in the morning like the owner of the very large bed (180x210cm = 6×7 ft) with her head on my husband’s pillow, covered up with his duvet right up to her nose…..


    • I think it IS their version of the news. If we come home after being near other dogs, he sniffs us thoroughly and give us his dirtiest look. “You have been unfaithful with other dogs,” you can hear him thinking.

      They want to be where we are and any other place isn’t as good. Their world’s are really centered around us.

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  2. What a handsome dude – he can afford to have attitude! 😀


    • And he knows he’s a handsome fellow. He poses for us — UNLESS I’m trying to take a picture. Then he runs up and sticks his nose in the lens. I’m amazed I got a few good pictures of him. I tried yesterday and he was all over the camera. I think he wants dinner. He appears to be sulking. I guess I’ll take a break and feed His Royal Highness.


  3. Such an adorable dog:) Yes, I think that about 95% of what they do and think about has to do with the next meal or treat!


  4. Haha! He wants to be entertained in style.


  5. Duke has done an excellent job of training you two. Good dog. Cookies, Marilyn–now!


  6. The Duke has certainly got you where he wants you!


  7. Well I had almost the same problem last night.. A cold front came through last night and knocked the electricity off (along with the heat pump) and I was not about to get up to build a wood fire in the dark cold room~! Next came the animal circus who were cold too and took over my warm bed.. The cats were satisfied at my feet and legs, but not Tami, my dog~! She too is small and sticks her nose under the covers near my face then burrows all over trying to find the warmest place, but actually rolling over and over to make a bed under the covers… It is really hard to kick them out into the cold room and frankly there was sort of a warming where they were..both in my body and my heart~!

    Oh and she learned to throw her stuffed toys at me.. Her rules of the game is when I throw it, she runs to get it, but then wants me to chase me all around the place to take it away and do it again. Now I get tired of this and sit down to write.. This bothers her and she takes the toy into her mouth and slings the wet nasty thing at me~!

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    • Sounds like she and the Duke would get along very well. He LOVES being chased. I’m past chasing. Garry at 79 has a limited running capability. Sometimes we can get him going by pretending to run.

      The Duke is a simple guy. He likes our bed better than he likes the sofa, especially because we are IN the bed and wherever Garry is, that’s where he wants to be 😀




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