FOTD – November 6 – Season’s End Is Near

At least for a few more days, I can look outside and see the remarkable beauty of this end of the season explosion of color. Last night, the oak leaves started to turn and this morning, they are bronze — gold in sunlight. I can also see more naked branches than I did yesterday.

This the beginning of a wrap-up for 2021’s Autumn. It’s not over yet. Not quite. But we are getting close to an end and I hate to see it go!

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  1. I’ll miss your pictures when it does go, Marilyn. Oh those wonderful autumnal scenes and rich colours! Beautiful. 🙂


    • I was out there today and there is still color, but the scarlet and orange is gone. Now it’s bronze and russet with some yellow highlights. We have a few more interestingly foliaged weeks remaining, probably through the end of this month. We are running about two weeks late. Usually it’s all over by the middle of November, but I think it will last until the beginning of December. Then we’ll get three feet of snow. Sigh.

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      • I’ll take any autumnal hues. 🙂 Funnily enough, we’re being threatened with snow showers from next week too. Seems we’re about to be visited by the spirit of winter a little early this year.


  2. I know, I hate to see autumn go and winter upon us once again!
    Have a beautiful Monday Marilyn! Xoxo


    • Today the trees really started dropping leaves. It’s still beautiful, but the colors are already different than Yesterday. This all happens so FAST, you know? I need to get a few pictures because it is beautiful in its own way — just a much softer look.

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  3. Today, we drove through the higher regions of our vicinity. Within one week we have gone from glorious to rusty colours, much brown where gold was glittering, empty naked branches, ground filled with the fallen goodness….. precious because it is all only too ephemere.


    • Yes. Once the season starts to turn, it moves very fast. It was slow to begin, but since yesterday, many trees are bare and the oaks are brown, but were green yesterday.

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      • We had some very nice weather to garner these pics. Now, we’re in the layer up for dropping temps mode as we watch the leaves fall and pile up like dead soldiers in the combat zone.


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