Blogging Insights – #16

I remember back to when blogging was new. It wasn’t exactly new. It had been around a while, but the term “blogging” was new. Many of us were writing on GeoCities and other free formats which have long since disappeared. When blogging became a thing, I asked a friend of mine who was doing it what it was? He said it was just writing online.

Back then, we were trying to tell stories and show off pictures. Politically, the world had not yet gone wacko. Back then, it was pretty much like having a column in a newspaper or displaying photographs to someone who wasn’t looking at your computer. I actually think it was the photography that made me start blogging. I had so many pictures and they were just sitting in files. No one saw them who didn’t live here. I got self-conscious sending my pictures to all my friends and cluttering up their email.

What is it now? Despite the world having gone through enormous changes, I don’t think blogging is much different now than ten years ago. Some people want to make a political statement. For others, it’s like newspaper column. For others, it’s how we display our art, whether it’s painting or photography or something else. If it can be shown online, a blog is a good a place show it to others.

The connection is important to many of us. Not everyone is looking to inspire. Sometimes I’m feeling inspirational, but as often as not, I’m simply telling today’s story. One of the best things about blogging is instead of gnawing worry, I write. Writing has always helped me work through all kinds of issues including grief, fear, and the shocking reality of growing old.

Mourning Dove – I wonder why these birds have that name? Anyone know?

I don’t think there’s anything mystical about the process. I try to post something every day, but I’m posting less because I’ve been doing this a long time. I’m finding life is getting in the way of blogging. Before that, blogging got in the way of life.

Speaking of non-inspirational, this post is deeply uninspired. I think over the past ten years, I’ve said everything I can think of, thought of, might think of in the future, about blogging. I have a lot of issues with our world, government, and trying to keep a natural environment so my granddaughter might have a decent world when she gets old. Even so, I don’t want to harp on this all the time. I get tired of my own voice, so surely so does everyone else!

If you wanted a one sentence “take” on blogging? I’d say it mean what it means. For some people, it’s publicity for books they wrote, or reviews of books. For many, it’s all about art and for others, all about a point of view. I know others blog for entirely different reasons than mine and that’s fine.

More power to you all!

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  1. To my mum I explained *blogging* as Having an open diary. And you can add photos. For many, many years I wrote informative letters, copied badly some pix in it, I did ‘free range’ desktop publishing and paid minor fortunes to send it out…. I still have some few contacts from those times with one languish exchange per year.
    I also find that a few ppl have enough remarkable things to say (you for example) that I don’t need to create another ‘vessel ‘ in having my own blog. I get some weekly, monthly or occasional newsletters, I am of the dying out tiny group of ppl still writing actual letters, cards, greetings – and I wish the best to every aspiring blogger. Do I have to add my own outpourings? The answer is swift and short, NO.
    If I had to choose maybe five, yours wd be one of them. That’s the best testimonial I can offer.


  2. I agree, Marilyn, that there is no “one size fits all” definition of blogging. It means different things to different people.


  3. Beautiful photography. I think all bloggers hit “ennui’ now and then, sometimes it happens as often as once a month or once a year, and others it might be longer between the “I’ve done and said it all” idea comes back. I have one thing that I think you do ‘for’ this particular blogging community, and which you are uniquely suited to do in a few ways. That is ‘teach’. I don’t mean starting up a whole enterprise teaching specific lessons every however often, I mean by example. People read your blog, view your photography and they learn how a GOOD quality blog ought to ‘be’. Add the differences that make individual blogs unique from one another, and that’s my whole point. I started following you very soon after I began earnestly blogging (like 2015 or something) and I’ve learned a great deal about ‘how to’ blog from your example. Fandango does the same and many others who have been around long enough to know where and how things happen in a blogging scenario. This opens up a whole world for me, because if people read my blog and are from another country or city or whatever, I learn even more and I find such interesting people. I could not do that in real life.

    I know we all get tired. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and our creativity seems to be the first thing to take a hit. A bit of judicious rest though and usually we can feel that inspiration start to come back. I know Covid did wicked things to people and their creativity too, so there’s that.

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  4. I think for me it is mostly about the sharing. Sharing photos that would otherwise never be seen online seems a better idea than inflicting a slide show on your family and friends as we used to do. Sharing memories, thoughts and ideas. At least if it’s boring people can scroll on and I won’t be offended because I’ll never know.Sometimes I just do it because there is something buzzing around in my head that has to come out.

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  5. For me, blogging is a release, a purging of feelings, and sometimes, I write poems, or short fiction pieces, I enjoy participating in the challenges and prompts, and the rest of the time, its my journal, where I vent/write down how I am feeling. Xx


  6. I think having something interesting to say or write about is the life’s challenge. I don’t want to have the same conversation . . . just saying Today I read a newspaper article about a container house on AirB&B but haven’t the energy to post something. Maybe tomorrow, Claudia


  7. Sharing and connections. I find it interesting to meet other bloggers and readers and share comments. I live a very quiet life, and if these Covid numbers don’t go back down it will get even more quiet. Our numbers are higher than last January. Not good. Your photo gets an A+ from me – gorgeous.


  8. I agree blogging is whatever the content creator wants it to be. The difficulty as a reader is wading through all the promotional/news/commercial “sites” used by companies as simply another avenue of communication. I prefer stuff generated by individuals, not algorithms.


    • Me too. It’s why I pay WP to keep ads off my site, but they are hard to escape. You visit one shop once and you start to get a deluge of emails all leading to their websites. I don’t mind the ones run by authors because it’s the only way I know who has recently written something — or history. But endless advertisements for products I don’t need AND can’t afford are just aggravating. And oh how that email piles up!


  9. I think we all like to share things with others, Marilyn. Maybe we are all introverts that just need a space to share our stuff without become overwhelmed with commitment. Bloggers take breaks when they need them and are blogging friends are here for us when we come back. We can confide in them, or not, the choice is ours.

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    • I think the word “choice” is the most important. Blogging gives you opportunity to meet people and befriend them, but doesn’t enforce any kind of schedule. Some of us are pretty bad about pushing ourselves, but I suspect I (for one) have always been pushing myself in one way or another. At least, as you say, it’s MY choice. And the older I get, the less outgoing I seem to be. I was very outgoing in my 20s and 30s, but so much less now. Is it because it’s hard for me to get around? At least a bit, but some is that so many people have been lost to me — either by distance, death, or a kind of mental disappearance I’ve had trouble making new friends. There’s a lot of life already passed and to cover all that territory again — well — I’m not sure I really WANT to do that. But with a blog, you have told your story, usually in many ways. People who follow us know a lot more about us than we would probably tell them. This is all pondering. I don’t even know if it’s true, but I do think about this and wonder why I’ve changed so much.

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      • I think we all change a lot as we get older. We are influenced by the direction or lives take and the experiences we have. We become more sensitive to social issues because they never seem to change and we loose the youthful believe that we can actually make any real difference or bring about changes. It is quite disillusioning and that brings about a quietness in our souls.


        • I think it also makes us turn inward. In my generation, we worked SO hard to make important changes. Yet, in the past few years, we’ve seen them all turn to dust. It is dispiriting. At my age, there seems little point in trying again. I don’t have enough years left. If I couldn’t get it done in the past 55 years, I don’t think I’m going to get there in the next five or six.

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  10. For me blogging = sharing. If I feel I have experiences to share (usually in my case travel experiences) I will blog about them. If I have photos to share (I ALWAYS have photos to share!) I will put them in a blog. If I have a view on someone else’s blog I will share it, and I hope that those who have a view on mine will do the same. So blogging also = connecting. There, that’s my ‘in a nutshell’ definition of blogging – sharing and connecting online.


    • It used to be (for me) more about sharing opinions and commentary about life and the meaning of things. But over time, the web has gotten so mean and nasty, while I speak up from time to time, as often as not I just don’t want to bother being controversial. It’s too much like work.

      And like you? I ALWAYS have pictures to share!


  11. Blogging getting in the way of life or life getting in the way of blogging! 🥰😍


    • Maybe both at the same time. I DO know that when more of my friends were alive and/or in touch, blogging felt more “alive” than it does now. This past two or three years have been loss after loss. Ironically, NONE of them were from COVID. Most were cancer or strokes or heart attacks.

      There were losses even before that. ALL the older members of both Garry and my are gone as are all our older friends.

      I got really phobic about making new friends in Israel. People would come, stay a few years, than one day announce they were “going home.” We knew, no matter how long they lived in Israel, home was America, Canada, England, France, Costa Rico, or somewhere, but always far away. Once gone — this was BEFORE email — that was the end except for memories. Maybe there would be a few letters before the long silence began.

      I was in my thirties and forties when friends started to die. Some you just knew weren’t going to become old bones. You could feel it. My first husband was one of them. These were people mostly younger than me. Heart attacks, car accidents. Cancer was always the biggest killer and still is — up there with Alzheimer’s and depression — which can make someone disappear faster than an airplane. I was sure anyone I really liked would disappear or die. It has made communicating online much easier, though when an online friend passes, I’m just as miserable as I would have been if they’d been neighbors.

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      • We have seen many losses in our online community here as well. And a few are suffering from illnesses. Many have just disappeared from the blogging world. I lost one very close friend to cancer. She’d just turned 50. But that’s life!


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