Really, truly, I love Christmas. I may love it more because I wasn’t born to it, but inherited it from non-Jewish husbands. I’m pretty sure no one can joyously leap into the season better than someone who think it’s a great holiday we never got to enjoy as children.

Our bigger cactus is suddenly full of buds now. Maybe it will bloom just in time for the holidays

When Owen was a kid, we went nuts over the holidays — in a single-child family kind of way. And then when Kaity was growing up, it may have been even more kid-centric. Now, though, with Kaity in her mid 20s, I think it’s time to just breathe. At least until the next round of little ones come around.

Ah, but times have changed. Retirement doesn’t leave one much in the way of spare change. As children stop being children and become young adults and eventually, the real deal, most of what you can afford to give as gifts are a mere token of what’s really needed.

We have to buy new lights this year. Just one string we put in the upstairs window, the only part of the house you can see from the road. And our little mini-tree plus a few other bits and pieces to add a hint of sparkle. But that’s it. Nothing requiring major efforts.

Dinner and sharing is the really big deal these days. I figure still having a family is no small thing.

I woke up today. When I opened email, I swear every post was offering “black Friday” goodies. If I had money, I’d probably get a new television. Maybe next year.


In your opinion, what should be humanity’s goal?

At this point? Survival would be an excellent choice and it won’t be easy. There is an enormous amount to do. I’m not seeing serious efforts by major polluters to do much of anything. Doing everything might be too much to deal with, but doing nothing could mean an ultimate, sad finale to humanity.

Are you hesitant to speak your opinions?

I think careful would be the operative word. I have opinions, but I’m often as wrong as I am right. If I’m not sure I’m right, I try to be careful. When I forget to watch the mouth, I’m always sorry and never sure how to correct the mistake.

In what ways has society changed during your lifetime? What do you think caused these changes?

It has gone from mechanical to electronic. I think too much electronic. We have reached a point where nothing can be fixed. Even big stuff like washing machines and cars become difficult to repair surprisingly fast after purchase. Our new Maytag High Efficiency washer was wildly expensive will last between 5 and 7 years. Why? Because it’s all electronic with computerized sensors. Down the road, the manufacturer will stop making the parts. even be making the parts anymore. Ditto our car. It’s all electronics. If a single major piece of its mini-computerized brain blows up? Good luck with that!

If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow this person to be your friend?

It depends on what they say. If there is something I think is valid — and about which I can do something, I’ll listen. I won’t listen to constant criticism. This isn’t school. But it can be healthy to be put in ones place. We don’t have to like it, but we might deserve it.

Please feel free to share your moments of gratitude here.  

Let’s see. The rice noodles finally came out perfectly. Before this, they were either too crunchy or a bit gooey. I got them right. Both the chicken fried rice and the Singapore noodles tasted downright professional. Sometimes, you really have to follow the instructions.

Our Japanese Maple is green the rest of the year, but lights up when every other leaf has already fallen

Meanwhile, the Japanese Maple turned extraordinary colors this year. Usually it turns scarlet right after every other tree has lost its leaves. This year, it turned scarlet and an apricot orange that is spectacular. We got some pictures. I’ve got an eye doctor appointment today, so the rest of the pictures will emerge tomorrow. I’ve got a few more to process. We all took pictures, from me, to Owen and Garry.

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  1. Thanks, Marilyn, for Sharing Your World! And for taking the time to find my dang blog in the first place. *grumble* I didn’t like that side trip I was forced into yesterday much either. Hopefully today all is fixed (until it blows up again), and things are back to my version of normal! I LOVE that maple. That is so beautiful, but your photography is amazing, so the two in combination provided us in Blogland with a gorgeous photo! Lifted my spirits I know! Thank you for sharing that! I was at a big box store yesterday for diabetes supplies, and yes, “Black Friday” Specials and Sales posters and all the mess were plastered everywhere. They’ve had their Christmas displays up since mid-October though, so to me? Some of the shine is off things already. Congratulations on your noodles, if you care to some time, share that noodle secret. I have some I need to use, but am frightened to try because of the reasons you listed (my last attempt was so goopy/sticky that I ended up tossing them all out. Good for you for taking up the cooking reins, it is healthier for sure! Have a wonderful week!


    • The tree was still beautiful yesterday, but is almost bare today. Fall is ending and it was below freezing last night. I’m just hoping we don’t get any snow soon.

      So what happened to your blog? I’ve never seen “parked” before, so I don’t know what it means.

      Even our grocery — our little local grocery — has already put up their wreaths. We buy one wreath every year, but why would I buy one this early? It will be all dried out before Christmas is even in the neighborhood. It was weird because it was literally overnight, wham. NOW — mid November — BUY BUY BUY!!!

      Basically I’m cooking because no one else is cooking and I can’t eat one more meatloaf. My goal is to make food at least interesting, but it’s also exhausting. Glad whatever happened to your blog unhappened. That was a bit alarming. I was afraid you had disappeared and I couldn’t deal with that at all. No more disappearing people, please. I want everyone to hang around for a while.


  2. great answers Marilyn! So glad your maple tree is blooming! And lol about all the black Friday deals in the email. I’d love to spend, spend spend too but I cant. No money! 😀


    • Yup. The no money thing is pretty intractable. But then again, I’m actually glad that I don’t have to bankrupt us to buy stuff no one really needs anyway. I will buy something for Garry — something small — and something for Owen — small — and may for my granddaughter. But the big buying days are over and probably never coming back.


  3. Beautiful pictures Marilyn. You’ve answered the questions so well.


  4. love this compilation. Thanks!


  5. Your tree is amazing, Marilyn. Your comment about sometimes having to read the instructions gave me a really good laugh. You reminded me of my mother. She always says to me that my cooking always comes out well and I always tell her its because I follow the instructions [smile].


    • I used to read instruction and then wing it, usually because I was missing one or more ingredients and had to substitute something for the other thing. I’ve got a much better stocked larder now, probably because we almost never go out to eat so I cook almost every day.

      I got tired of never having what I need. Gradually, especially during lockdown when there was no choice about going out, I started buying the stuff I need. Now, I’m almost never out — except, ironically, today. I’m out of honey. It’s on order, but I’m still waiting for it. In fact, we’re out of a bunch of small items, all of which are supposed to get here on Friday. I hope it doesn’t rain. I hate hauling soggy cartons into the house.

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      • I am glad you have stocked up on ingredients. I bake and cook a lot and have a large wrack of spices and the like. I love rain because we get to little but I hear you about soggy cartoons. Have a lovely day, Marilyn. [I believe you are still the night before my morning – weird isn’t it?]


        • I know. And for some reason, the time change this year has made time feel “off.” Even the dog doesn’t seem to know when dinner time is — and he ALWAYS knows when dinner is due. It’s the biggest moment of his day. Not this year, though.

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