Fallen Leaves

Overnight, between Friday and Saturday, the leaves fell. Kerplunk. No slow drifting. We got up in the morning and we were hip deep in oak, maple, sassafras, aspen, and catalpa — but mostly oak. Some of the oak leaves actually showed color this year — red and some purple on the edges of a bronze leaf. This is the one job we simply cannot handle anymore. It’s got us beat.

By early the next morning, the cleanup crew had been around. The leaves are (mostly) gone. They even cleaned the deck, though more leaves have fallen. Really, leaves fall all year — just a whole lot more of them in the fall.

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  1. Really gorgeous, and such a happy dog! We let our leaves stay on the ground as mulch and nature all year, and the critters around here love it.


    • Even after we clean up, there are still a lot of leaves left. We didn’t cut the lawn at all this year which meant a very buggy yard, but the birds were very happy munching away on insects. The backyard is still unclipped. The grass is laying flat on the ground. We are surrounded — REALLY surrounded — by woods. Two flap and a hop and they are off to the woods. They are all eating like crazy. It must be because they know winter is on the way.

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  2. The colours really are amazing, Marilyn. There are leaves all year round but in the Autumn, it moves to a different plane.


    • Last year, we cleaned up before the oak leaves fell and we were literally up to our knees in leaves, so we had to do a cleanup in the spring. You can’t leave that many leaves under snow. It gets really messy. Anyway, leaves are always falling. As you say, in the fall it goes to a whole other level!

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  3. Wow, the colour in that opening shot!


    • The tree is green all year, but when every other tree has brightened and fallen, suddenly, this little — not so little anymore — tree turns red. Normally full red, but this year apricot and scarlet. All the other trees are naked :-D. GREAT tree!


  4. but that moment of pure joy for kids and pets – the running through the rustling leaves, pushing clouds of them in the air!


  5. I love the second photo of Duke running! So happy to be taking a romp through the leaves…


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