It’s a day like any other except for the recall on our car and that Massachusetts is telling everyone they should get a booster — which we already got. So far, we’ve gotten four phone calls (two on each phone), two texts and an email. I’m hoping that’s it for the day, especially since we all got boosters already, including Owen.

Heading for the dealer

I wanted to do a little more with this today, but I either do it now, or it would wait until we get back from the dealer and who knows how long THAT would take!

What are some red flags to watch out for in daily life?

I just watch out for the red lights. You know. The ones next to the green ones? I try not to go through them when the police are near. In Massachusetts, all traffic laws are really advisories. Stop if you like, don’t if the light seems too long or it’s just annoying — or you are in a hurry. We have a startlingly large number of terrible drivers in this state, but they are even worse in Rhode Island.

What obstacles would you include in the ‘world’s most amazing obstacle course”? 

Climbing up six stories while hauling the groceries. I’d like to see a lot of athletes give THAT one a try!

Who is the best movie or book villain in your opinion?  (‘book’ is included because some folks don’t watch movies)

Captain Hook and his merry band of miscreants. I think he got eaten by a crocodile, a most satisfying conclusion.

What, in your opinion, is the most beautiful or handsome part of your face?

Ah how times have changed. I would say my hair, but that’s on my head, not my face and I don’t (yet) have a beard. Collectively, I look okay — for someone my age (there’s that extra piece of sentence again). I don’t think I have a special outstanding feature. My eyes looked better before I got some strange puffiness that makes me look like I have two black eyes.

What are some foods you enjoy for your festive celebration dinners?

Lamb when we can afford it and really, the lamb curry I make from the leftovers the next day. I think we all like the curry better than the roast.

We are not fanciers of turkey. Turkey that has not been frozen tastes a LOT better than previously frozen turkey and smaller turkeys — less than 12 lbs. — are much better than the big one. The bigger the turkey, the more it is going to taste like turkey flavored dust. I do like the stuffing, the cranberry relish, baked potatoes, cheesy cauliflower and most desserts.

Actually, you could leave out the meat entirely and I’d be fine. I’m passionate about the side dishes, but wishy-washy about the main meat.

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  1. Thanks, Marilyn, for Sharing Your World! I think a lot of folks have begun to embrace the idea of doing their own thing on Thanksgiving, I’m not sure who it was who decided that the meat portion should be turkey. I’m only a fan of the dark meat, as it’s moister and more flavorful in my opinion. I’ve never had lamb, but you’re the second one to choose that as their meat choice for the meal. I tend to think you are lovely, and were probably a beautiful young woman. You’ve aged gracefully and that’s the best to hope for in my opinion! Your hair is still great and I’m envious! I hope the recall thing isn’t a big problem for you both! That booster thing must be still East coast-centric, because it hasn’t ‘hit’ out here quite the same way. A person can get one, but they’re not pushing it (yet). I don’t have mine, but I missed their criteria in a few areas. It’ll happen in time. Have a peaceful day and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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    • It was a very easy fix – a flash update of the car’s computer system. All the cars are now computerized. They won’t last nearly as long as older cars did and they will be more difficult to fix. I try not to think about it. It’s just another crazy-making thing.

      I think I hit my prime in my 40s and early 50s. It’s when my face decided it was finished trying to decide what I should look like, though some changes go on until we die. It’s why sometimes we look like mom or grandma, but other years we look just like dad — and how can you look like both? Your face changes and different parts of your DNA take over. After all, if that DIDN’T happen, we’d all still look like babies when we are seniors.

      My hair is receding. I think I’ve finally made peace with it. It has always been very fine, very fragile, very breakable — but there’s a lot less of it now. It’s healthy, at least and it looks pretty good, all things considered.

      The CDC announced yesterday that everyone should get a booster. I know because I’m on all these lists, so when the CDC says anything, my phones start to ring, text messages appear, emails fall out of the sky. This always happens about two weeks AFTER I’ve gotten the vaccination.

      We stopped buying chicken breast a long time ago. The dark meat tastes better. The white meat, unless you stew it in some kind of liquid, is always bone dry — as is the turkey. The rest of the world is beginning to catch up with us. About five or six years ago, we had a family conference and discovered NO ONE wanted turkey. We were eating it because that’s what you did on Thanksgiving. This year, with only four of us eating, it’s a big roast chicken. Just pass the side dishes for me!

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      • Your Captain Hook reference has me humming “Never Smile At A Crocodile”. We had that on a yellow 45 rpm. I forget the vocalist.


  2. Nice share Marilyn

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