I thought it was bad enough having to update all my computers, devices, and the phone, but today we had to have the car updated. They found a transmission glitch and now apparently the car will run more smoothly, but to be fair, I hadn’t notice it not running smoothly.

We got to the dealer and Garry was greeted by the guy who runs the repair area for Jeep-Chrysler. He actually held his breath. It turns out he was no mere fan. “Back in the day,” he worked in Boston’s bomb squad and Garry was often the reporter. He was really glad to see Garry and said he had been a really great reporter.

Examining the goodies
The watcher is watching

It was a really nice welcome for Garry — not just a “Oh, I used to watch you on TV” but something really personal and professional. He doesn’t hear that very often any more.

Our dealership is an interesting place to visit. They don’t just sell cars. The owner collects stuff. All kinds of Hollywood celebrity stuff, old gas pumps, signs from the gas stations we grew up with. Lots of car-related toys, too and at least six life-size statues of The Blues Brothers (John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd).

Half of the Rat Pack
The Blues Brothers – John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd in plastic

We took pictures and both of us needed help getting off those delightfully soft leather sofas. So comfortable to sit in — and nearly impossible for we elders to extract ourselves. I didn’t know I couldn’t get off the sofa until I was already seated and tried to get up. We got a hoist from Garry’s bomb defusing friend.

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  1. I love this dealer, it’s an experience not just a waiting room and love the connection the guys had

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    • It’s always interesting. It’s a huge dealership and each building is different. We spend a lot of time in the Jeep-Chrysler building for obvious reasons, but we’ve hopped around. One of them is almost all Beatles memorabilia and he added about 10 years ago a rehabbed Worcester Dining Car, so there is also a really good old fashioned diner. A bit pricey, but the food is excellent. It’s just that they are only open for breakfast and lunch. It’s an experience. Good for photographs when the rest of the world is full of snow and ice.

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    • Beth, it was fun looking at all the antique car and celeb thingies.

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  2. He sounds like an interesting guy. Nice for Garry too. I love the plastic Blues Brothers. One of our favourite films.

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  3. That makes a nice change going to a friendly car dealer! ..Great photos

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