FOTD – November 24 – Foliage

The leaves on the Japanese Maple went from green to orange to scarlet in about 36 hours. Then, in one night, the leaves fell. We had the driveway and the rest of the property cleaned. Of course, the leaves are still falling. They always do, making a nice nest for the snow. It’s more common for us to get snow on Thanksgiving weekend than Christmas. No, I have no idea why. Winds and ocean currents?

And then, the cleanup

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  1. Autumn’s glorious swansong.


    • It was. All the other trees were naked, but then we got that amazing burst of color from the Japanese maple. It’s always a very pretty tree, but that few days of brilliant color comes at exactly the right moment. Now, all the trees are naked and we wonder when the snow will come.


      • That’s quite a dramatic turn of season! We’re currently experiencing a wintery blast too, with murmurings of the odd snow shower, but I doubt we’ll have any significant white blankets just yet. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing your snowy pictures when it does come to your part of the world. 🙂


        • We’ve had little drifting snows, but nothing substantial. I’m just as happy to NOT get snow unless I can count on it melting by the next morning.

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          • We’ve had a bit too now, unexpectedly. It was very pretty, but luckily not too deep and it didn’t cause any disruption to our plans or the school run. Still, it’s strange to have such a cold snap so suddenly. 🙂


  2. Such an amazing fall shade. I don’t see it that often 🙂


    • This particular tree always turn this color. I don’t know if all green-leafed Japanese Maples turn scarlet like this one, but I think maybe they do. The other Japanese Maple has red leaves (but not like this color red) all year, but doesn’t change color much in the fall. I got this tree when it was about 8 inches tall. We brought it home in a bucket and have watched it grow. It only started changing leaves like this a few years ago. After 15 years, it’s finally mature. It’s lovely — but crooked.


  3. Oh so beautiful Marilyn 😀 😀


    • Thanks Cee. I took these a week ago, but it took me all week to take the card out and download. I thought maybe I’d add to the collection. I did, but by the time I picked the camera up again, the leaves were gone. One more year until another autumn. Time is passing so very fast.


  4. There is a singular beauty in Autumn leaves particularly when driving down a road lined with them.


    • Our road — when the foliage cooperates — gets breathtaking. We got the leaves, but we also got a lot of rain, so the best part of autumn never got photographed. I did get a lot, just not that amazing end when it all looks lit up.


  5. Lovely colors! Perhaps for the same reason that some of our worst brushfires occur at Thanksgiving? And we have hot, dry weather this week!


    • We always seem to get our first real cold snap right after Thanksgiving — and it’s still wet, as autumn so often is. Cold, wind, snow — voila. Of course, we are getting a lot less snow than we used to and it isn’t getting as cold — but we still get substantial (big) snows — and it gets plenty cold enough for we shivery oldsters.


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