FOTD – November 28 – Cactus blooming on time

I repotted all of my cactus, succulents, and orchids not quite a year ago and finally, the cactus has decided to bloom That was fast. They had no buds a week ago and are fully flowering today.

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  1. That is a beautiful Christmas cactus! I used to have the same color but I cannot seem to keep one of those alive.


    • It’s about two things: the right light and not over-watering them. VERY little water and a good east (more or less) facing window. About half a cup of water every 7 to 10 days and ONLY if the earth is dry. They really ARE cactus, so more than minimal water and the roots (they don’t have much in the way of roots anyway) will rot. If you don’t have the right light, find a plant that grows in the light you have. You can’t change your light, but you can find a plant that will like it. Good luck!


  2. Congratulations. Mine produced two, one opened and one gave up and they both dropped off the plant. I have not given up – who knows. You always have such success with yours.


    • My hidden secret is (literally) neglect. I actually forget to water them for a couple of weeks at a time, then get all guilty and get to it. But for cactus, orchids, and other succulents, neglect is a reasonable choice. They don’t like wet dirt, so even when I water them, it’s very little water. In the repotting process I lost two orchids, but both were not doing well. They were potted badly. I’m surprised they ever bloomed. I think the ones that remain are pretty healthy. No buds right now, but in the spring I figure. Repotting is tricky with them. They need special soil and fertilizer — and VERY little water — like half a cup a week a week, but only if they dried up in between and that depends on if there’s any sun coming in the window. We had all those weeks of rain, so it’s amazing anything survived.

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  3. So pretty. My daughter has the green thumb I didn’t get lol lol.
    I’m great at outdoor plants, but, it is never safe for me to bring a plant indoors.
    My daughter has to fix them every time.


  4. That was fast. Mine bloomed in July but hasn’t had a bud on it since. Maybe I should repot it as it’s still in the same soil that I inherited it in.


    • Mine was almost ten years in the same soil. I hate repotting them because they break into pieces — which you can plant — but it’s a whole different plant when you are done. BUT the plant is healthy again. It was going to die if I didn’t deal with the soil. The dirt just gets old and has no “life” in it. It took a full year before these before these suddenly look healthy. For months, I wasn’t sure they would survive. They looked nearly dead for at least four or five months.

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      • I have no idea when mine was potted because it is an inherited plant left behind by the previous tenants. It has not shown any sign of being dormant but only flowers in winter so summer might be a good time to repot it.


        • Mine were gifts from someone who grew them and I’ve had them a VERY long time — like at least 15 years and had only potted them when I first got them, so that earth was tired and probably had no more nutrients in it. I had to repot them or they would die. They almost DID die. It was very touch and go for a long time and then, suddenly, at the end of the summer they started to perk up. Now they look very healthy, but they are fragile plants. They fall apart easily and they less we handle them, the better. That’s why repotting them is such a delicate matter. Easily half of each plant died before the rest of it revived. Unfortunately, sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do 🌹

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  5. I like your contrasts in color…especially in the first photo, Marilyn.


    • Thank you for noticing! I’ve been changing table covering and being careful of windows to try to keep the busyness in check. These were barely budding just two days ago. I guess all that new potting soil and cactus fertilizer worked.


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