I don’t have the physical energy to do a whole house cleaning anymore, so instead, I clean limited areas. I go after a closet, or decide to move all the appliances and clean under and around them — or I spent hours cleaning the countertop oven. Some area grabs my eye and I take care of it. By the time I finish the house, it will be time to start over.

Today, I took on the bedroom. It’s all because of the DVD player which replaced a replacement of the previous DVD player. The original ran (most of the time), but it was ridiculously slow, You could eat dinner and wash up before it finally engaged with the DVD, Each time, I was sure it had died before suddenly, the movie popped up. Mostly, except when it didn’t. It was 20 years old, so it didn’t owe us anything.

New DVD players are expensive and like everything else, full of junk software and apps we will never use. I don’t need one more link to streaming services. We have a good (new) ROKU. It’s fine. We have another in the bedroom and Owen has one, too. How many identical devices does anyone need? All it does is confuse you and all your devices. My iPhone, Kindle, Alexas (we have four) — even the Roku — want to link to each other even though I tell them not to. They want to become one happy device. I would prefer they not do this. The phone rings and I don’t know how to answer it because the voice has shifted to the Mac or my Kindle or Alexa herself. Just what I need — another device that wants to join the party. AI is out of control.

The day before yesterday, the replacement DVD player refused to play a standard DVD we’d play many times before, I decided to do what I’d wanted to do in the first place which was move the DVD from the bedroom to the living room. We’d bought it new maybe 15 years ago, but never used it. I’ve turned it on a couple of times to make sure it was still working. It was. It has had zero hours of use. It’s simple. Put the DVD in the slot, turn it on, and it plays the movie. It doesn’t try to run your TV or link to Alexa or the Mac or anything. It just plays movies.

Having moved the DVD player, there was an empty area on top of the tall dresser. I could move the lamp from the back (where it was never used because no one could reach the switch) to the front. Having cleaned the top of the dresser and managed to move the lamp to a place where even I can turn it on, I realized the top of the long low dresser where Garry keeps all his hearing aid stuff and I have all the rest of my jewelry boxes, perfume, containers of doll miscellany, single earrings, bits of ribbon, one pair of fancy earrings that must be mine, but I don’t remember getting them and Garry doesn’t remember giving them. Body creams for perfumes long finished. Empty medication bottles and boxes. Earring backs. Tiny little toys including several in their original plastic wrap originating from the ubiquitous McDonald’s.

I unplugged a couple of excessively long extension cords. Cleaned dust off many small bottles and boxes. Found the mates to a few single earrings, but not enough.

It took about three hours. When I was done, I felt I’d accomplished something. These days feeling I accomplished something is a rare moment of triumph.

Now, it’s time to cook. I was going to try to set up the Mac today for photography, though I think it lacks the oomph to run Photoshop no matter what I do. I guess that will wait for tomorrow. Meanwhile, I’m about to get myself organized for cooking. It’s nearly 6 and I cleaned! I did something.

I wonder where those earrings came from?

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  1. I do like your quilt Marilyn; I get tired of neutral colours too. I love that big baby doll bottom left. What is she? I’d adopt her in a heartbeat if I lived close enough to come and get her.
    I dusted my room yesterday. it’s amazing how it settles. Had to get the stepladder to reach the high shelf with dolls and bric a brac on it. I know people would say most of it is just dust collectors but every piece has its story even though none of it is valuable. Today was vacuuming, pet hair of course. Then I took Cindy outside and tried to comb out as much loose stuff as I could. It’s change of seasons and she’s shedding like crazy.


  2. That has become my cleaning plan. A few days ago, John mentioned something about Christmas Eve and I immediately thought “How will I clean the house by then?” Working a full week means little extra time. John can just deal with it. And there is no Christmas tree unless he puts it up!


    • I am finding that if I spend even half an hour or 45 minutes cleaning — early in the day before I start to get tired — a lot gets done. The hard parts are things like changing linens because the bedroom is just so cramped for space — and our sheets are never deep enough for the size of the mattress. But otherwise,, we vacuum when the amount of dog hair exceeds the fiber content of the old rug — and some stuff just doesn’t get done. We live with dust. I love having the same tree every year. It really makes holidays so much easier!

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      • I have a nice tree put John has always put it up in the past. He is not here now and it is too much work for me to bring it up from the basement. The wreath is on the door though.


  3. Hi Marilyn, what a beautiful bedroom you have. I love your quilt, is is amazing. I also love your dolls. I have lots of dolls too, but not in the bedroom. My husband thinks they are creepy so the live in cabinets in the dining room. Congratulations on a successful day.


    • Thank you!

      Garry is fine with the dolls. They are in the bedroom because there were so many, I ran out of space. The bedroom is attractive, just a bit small. If it were a few feet bigger all around it would be easier to move without knocking something over 😀 Recently, I’ve been adding color. It was all very boring and neutral. One day, I said ” I NEED COLOR!” I think everything looks a little Mexican these days. Blame it all on Judy Dykstra-Brown. Her colors made me yearn for my own.


  4. Right there with you, Marilyn… Job well done!


  5. It is very satisfying to get something re-organized and cleaned


  6. Ha~!, when I get the energy to do this, I usually immediately find something that I forgot I owned, and it sets me off on a tangent which then ends up that I do not get the original task finished….

    God forbid, when I die it is going to take a lot of trucks to clean out some of my closets…Even I do not remember what is deep in some of them. Some day I need to get to the bottom of this~!

    When I could no longer hang and place things in my guest house museum, “The Barn”, I ended up building another storage building which I refer to as “Barn Again”~! My sons keep reminding me, “Dad don’t you think that it is time for “barn again” to be advanced out of purgatory~?”

    They are right that old riding lawn mower that I was going to make a go cart for one of them when they were little is still in there and their own children are now past the go cart age~! I have been advised to get one of those huge “biffy’s” and just throw things into it…

    (“biffy” is my special coined word from Houston, where those huge trash containers has “BFI” emblazoned on their side; the name of the trash company, “Browning-Ferris Industries”.)


    • We did a ton of cleaning out when Owen moved back in — and those dumpsters are EXPENSIVE. It cost a couple of thousand dollars to dejunk the downstairs. I’ve been doing this a little at a time as I can. Some stuff really is worth something. Some of my pottery is more than a thousand years old. Even the dolls are all antiques. I’m hoping I eventually find someone to adopt them.

      If we had more closets, we’d have a lot more junk. Lucky us, we are very weak on closets and no functional attic — and very little remaining basement. I’ve gotten rid of tons of stuff — so why are there still tons remaining? So frustrating!

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      • Yes over the past few months I have rediscovered “Goodwill” which has moved into our nearest little town…Wow they will take (almost anything) and I have a lot of that., among the valuables.

        I did not mention that in addition to “Barn Again” I also have an “Upper Room” as well~!

        All the roof of my house is vaulted ceilings, but over the two baths, laundry area, halls and walk in closets. I have a very large room with a floor, insulated, AC and Heat, which is where I put such as un-desplayed “stuff” like paintings, and other collectables which are too valuable to store. In that place, among other things is a doll collection which I feel you will appreciate, due to the photos you posted. A few months back I hauled some of these storage boxes down to photograph and post them… I hope you enjoy seeing them now…


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