I was reading a beautifully written post yesterday about how we need to find something positive in those we encounter in our lives — even when we utterly disagree with them in every possible way.

The problem is not that they believe the “wrong” things. It’s the hate they spew — the prejudice, bigotry, racism, and anti-Semitism.

I’m Jewish, Garry isn’t white. He’s a bit of everything in the world, but more tan than white. The people who hate us don’t hate us because of any disagreement, but because we are unlike them racially or religiously. This is not a debatable subject and there is no way to find a point of agreement. The author of the well-written, well-reasoned post is white. Liberal. Sincere. Intelligent. Educated.

Hatred is non-negotiable.

What he isn’t is Jewish or non-white. Because he is neither of those things, I don’t think he has a grip on how prejudice affects us. It isn’t “impersonal.” I can’t think of anything more personal. The author believes in the goodness of everyone — if only we can reach them. I’m not convinced of any such thing.

Watching our Supreme Court turning into one more politicized body is not only terrifying because of the damage they can and will do, but because they were the last segment of our three-way supposedly balanced government. Now we have nowhere to turn where we can expect intelligent, reasoned people to make intelligent, reasoned decisions. Everyone is “up for grabs.” Everyone has an agenda and not a REASONED agenda.

I feel as if I fell into a sewer and am trying to find a way out pass the sludge and the filth. I don’t think it will happen. We are so distorted and twisted, there seems to be no rational people in our government. Biden actually IS sane which is probably why he is so unpopular. Everyone wants him to be on his/her/their side — and I don’t think he’s on any side except that of trying to find reasonable solutions to our problems.

It took just one really terrible president to tear us down to this disaster in which we are living. As Hitler destroyed Germany, may-his-name-never-be-mentioned has torn us apart. I’m not sure how or if we can come together. We need a powerful leader. We need FDR or Churchill, Gandhi or Mandala. Not that these people were flawless because no one is flawless, but they were able to rally people and bring them together.

Who do we have with this kind of charisma or leadership? Anyone? Would he or she please step into the light? We need you now. We need an intelligent, sensible, thoughtful, educated, and compassionate leader right now while there is still time — but not much time — to stop the decline. If you exist, please come forward. Be seen. Be heard. It won’t be easy, but it’s an ugly world in which we are living.

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  1. As an outsider looking in I find it horrific that the damage done to your society by your former president hasn’t been healed by his departure. But I don’t think it’s just the US that is in this predicament. In Europe too people seem more divided and more willing to voice hurtful opinions, protest over ludicrous demands (look at the recent anti-lockdown protests in the Netherlands) and vote for the inexplicable, in the UK’s case Brexit. And that’s another form of division we really didn’t need 😪


    • This reminds me to a frightening degree of the 1930s. Yet there is so much LESS to object to now than there was then. In the 30s, Europe was a wreck in from WWI. China, Japan, and other countries had been at war for years too.

      Poverty isn’t destroying Europe. People are racist and bigoted just because. Maybe this has been building for years and we didn’t notice because we didn’t want to notice. Muslims hate non-Muslims. White people think they are too special to live with anyone who isn’t the same color and the same religion (or whatever they call religion). Do they also hate people with a good suntan? It makes just as much sense.

      The Chinese historically believe they are superior as do the Japanese. In the U.S., it’s not merely racism. It’s religious oppression too. It reminds me of the Pilgrims who came from Europe to escape religious oppression then promptly became oppressors.

      Of course not everyone feels the same, but somehow, the most vicious people with the loudest voices seem to rise to the top. This will not end well. This kind of thing NEVER ends well.

      In a world where there ought to be plenty for everyone, WHY? Perhaps this is how we’ll end our destruction of Earth. Instead of fixing the planet, we’ll end civilization. I never imagined I would live in a world like this. I thought we’d found at least minimal enlightenment.

      I was wrong.


  2. Great analysis Marilyn. I agree with you that it just took one Trump to unravel the society’s fabric.


    • I really thought we had gained at least minimal enlightenment. After two world wars and so many other wars around the glove, we should have learned SOMETHING.

      As far as I can tell, we didn’t learn ANYTHING. We are the same murdering egomaniacs we were in the Middle Ages, but we have better weapons.

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      • Unfortunately, humans have very short memory as far as history is concerned. They always think that they will do better then their predecessors, but they make the same mistakes again.




  4. I just don’t get it. How could people like the constant lies and craziness–borderline insanity–of the former guy? Little blondie standing up and saying, “I will never lie to you” which was her first lie and went downhill from there. How can that even begin to be how we want our country led? Drain the swamp? Utter nonsense! I have no idea what swamp he was talking about, but he polluted it even more. You are right about Biden–he’s sane. He’s sensible. He has so much to fix and so much to do besides fix the mess he was left. I think Mitch is slowly bending and letting Trump know he doesn’t give a crap about him anymore. Well, bending a little bit, but I’ll take it. Silly me, I thought 2021 would be our ‘moving on’ year, but, damn, Trump is still all over the news.


    • How did our country completely self-destruct over ONE single-term president? Bad enough he got elected, but all these followers — as if he is a great public speaker. Good lord, the man can barely mumble a few words without falling over his tongue and he’s their LEADER? Really? What is wrong with them — and what is wrong with us that we tolerate them and keep trying to “be nice” to them?


      • So many questions. Too many questions.


        • And all our answers are really our “best guesses.” We don’t have answer, just more questions and a general befuddlement. Finally, I understand how those world wars started. Is isn’t difficult. You just need corrupt government, indifferent citizens, and now — insane social media. Easy peasy. And so depressing.


  5. It is a tragedy in our world . We must all must be nationality race or religion ..we are all mankind.


    • I know. Garry knows. You know. But too many people don’t realize race is not “fate.” It’s a color, an ethnicity. Hating dark-skinned people is exactly like hating your cousin because he gets a great tan and you don’t.

      I never ever imagined this country could collapse like this. It’s awful.


  6. It is scary to see this happening. I hope that there are still some sane people with enough money and influence to run for office because let’s face it the chances of someone without one or the other getting elected are not great. FDR, Churchill etc were not saints but they did have that power to rally the people. Imagine if they had been around in the internet age?

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    • The people who SHOULD be running for important government positions are NOT running. There is one young Kennedy that has his oar in the very local Massachusetts waters, but most of them have had too many deaths in the line of service to be willing to try again. The great old ones are gone and I’m not seeing anyone stepping up to take their places.

      Living in the U.S. is actually pretty scary at this point. I’m SO glad we live in Massachusetts. I think the East Coast probably has the most rational people in the country. Okay, the northern west coast — Oregon, Washington, northern California — and maybe there are some rational souls left in the south, but it can be hard to tell these days. After you get into the middle of the country, you start to meet the serious — and dangerous — wackos. Those people scare me. They should scare everyone.

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