FOTD – November 30 – Red squirrels ate the orange mums

I looked out the windows. Two plump red squirrels were chowing down on the orange chrysanthemums. I looked again because as far as I know, squirrels don’t eat flowers. There was no mistaking it. I hustled to get my camera and managed to get a couple of shots before they skedaddled away.

He (she?) just tore the flowers out of the pot — I assume to get a better mouthful?
I have never seen this behavior before, especially when there are seeds a couple of feet away

So today, you get the flowers and flower eating squirrels. There were two of them, but by the time I got my camera, they’d gone back to the feeder with the mealworms and suet. I think it’s personal. They see the camera and next thing I get is the shake of a tail.

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  1. Hmmmmm …
    We drink chrysanthemum tea (from dried flowers) in this part of the world, so maybe the fresh flowers taste good too! The squirrels know ….


  2. Oh I just laughed when I read your title. Brilliant photo for today 😀

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  3. Did they sneak some acorns in among the flowers?

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  4. They ate my orange mums as well!! I thought I was crazy but would wake every morning with one or two branches torn right off.

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    • Is it just ORANGE mums? Or do they like ALL mums? Inquiring minds want to know. Until I actually saw them pulling the flowers out of the pot and eating them, I would have thought I was crazy because squirrels don’t eat flowers. Are mums the exception or are there others? I’ll have to do some research, but I’m glad I’m not the only one with flower munching squirrels!


    • What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here? Maybe the squirrels fear it’s the end of days. Just eat!


  5. Strange behaviour but how great that you caught it on camera! That last photo is especially cute 🙂

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    • Now I’m wondering what other flowers they eat, if any. Everything I’ve read about squirrels says they eat any kind of grain, insects, bird’s eggs (when the birds don’t attack first), acorns and other nuts and sometimes, fruit. But flowers? Was it the seeds in the mums or they just like the taste?

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  6. That’s a first for me too! But cute they are…. maybe their diet missed some parts the mums have, I wouldn’t know. I got my ‘lecture’ years ago when I planted pansies in my window boxes for winter. In spring I had no flowers but I saw birds coming and leaving with the flowers in their beaks…. Strange diet too!
    Saw birds eating the pansies’ blooms too in a park where there were hundreds of the plants and ditto of birds. LIfe is full of surprises.

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    • And when you read about them, they never mention flowers. But obviously, they DO eat flowers. What OTHER flowers, I wonder? I think mums can be made into a tea (like roses). Lacking a stove and fire, I guess eating them raw is the best they can do? They left them alone all summer, so I figured it was the seeds in the dying flowers. But maybe they really LIKE them?

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  7. they probably couldn’t resist how pretty they were


    • I would go with that except they left them alone all summer — and haven’t touched the red ones. So maybe there’s carotene or some other herbal substance in orange mums? How does one find out? It’s not as if I haven’t looked them up — and no one ever suggested flowers for squirrels — orange or otherwise.

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