I was on the telephone with other bloggers when a lot of crows flew into the front yard and sat for a while.

They came and went three times in about half an hour. The last time, everyone left, even the stragglers. As far as I know, crows form murders if they are protecting or attacking something.

They have a real spite on their cousin, the raven and will gang up on any that flies into their territory. Otherwise, they are not an aggressive or dangerous bird. They do love dead bodies and along with vultures are the garbage collectors of the avian world. Everything and everyone needs a trash collector.

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  1. Wow. I just got chills down my back …


  2. Oh Marilyn, I love the photos you were able to capture yesterday. Great going. It was fun to be on the call with you. 😀


    • I was glad I could quickly grab a camera. I used to have a very expensive pocket camera i used, but after years of owning it, I never managed to figure out how it worked and I finally gave up. So now, I have my Pen F nearby and the other two cameras in the other room. I also have Garry’s camera nearby. Strange that the crows came back on the same day in two sequential years, isn’t it?


  3. You checked for Duke right away, didn’t you?! Would he scare the birds, though, or would the birds scare him?


    • Crows — as opposed to ravens — are not big, strong birds. They get what they want by ganging up (murders) and basically annoying the hell out of the other bird (frequently a raven or a small hawk) until they fly into a tree (bonk, bye bye) or fly out of their territory. How they know what is their territory and what isn’t is a whole other question.

      For all Duke’s enthusiasm about squirrels, he’s indifferent to birds. I suppose if one landed on him, he might pay attention, but he’s not a bird dog. He has many strains of dogs (mostly Japanese or Chinese) in his blood — as well as (I suspect) some pitbull or pug or Boston Terrier, but the bird dogs never made it.

      Squirrels drive him crazy. He can’t catch them and he knows it, but he goes into supersonic hyperdrive when he sees them. Of course, he does the same thing when he sees a delivery truck or the neighbor’s dog — or shrimp — so it’s hard to tell what’s got him going.

      Is he a watch dog? Only if we are worried about a squirrel invasion or too many delivery trucks. He assumes ALL people are fine. The only things he really values are his food dishes, Garry, me, and Owen. Not necessarily in that order.

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    • He is surprising uninterested in birds. For squirrels, he goes completely bonkers. He isn’t interested in cats either. We have a couple of neighbors’ cats that wander onto our deck and I have to chase them off because they are looking at the birds and have a gleam in their eyes. But the Duke shows a completely lack of interest in them. I think he’d be perfectly okay with a cat in the house. He has a lot more hostility towards other male dogs than cats. He’s fine with female canines. But oh boy, he is crazy about SQUIRRELS.

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  4. Looks like a scene from “Birds”


  5. Names are funny. You have a murder of crows and a flock of seagulls, but not the band from the 80’s.


  6. Oh Wow. You weren’t exaggerating. I’m so glad you went to take photos!!!!


    • What’s really weird? The last time we saw a murder of crows was EXACTLY one year ago to the day and I only got a few pictures as the crows were leaving. Also, they were in the back last time and the camera I grabbed was the one with the really long “birding” lens, so there aren’t many pictures, but they are close-ups. Maybe they will show up November 30th every year? I reblogged the one from last year tomorrow morning. Funny they should fall on the same day, isn’t it?


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