FOTD – November 29 – Anthurium

This flower has been in continuous bloom for more than three years, four in April. I often take it for granted, but when nothing else is blooming — it’s always there with two, three, four flowers. I guess it likes the light — and neglect (my secret weapon).

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  1. Plus, they look so artificial….


  2. It’s funny how YOU look at them, those Anthurium – I dislike them for exactly the same reasons 😉


  3. Glad it still blooms when nothing else is blooming! How wonderful! ❤


    • A lot of people find Anthurium boring because they flower all the time. I love that there is at least ONE plant that keeps flowering no matter what the season and requires nothing more than a bit of water. I am grateful to it.


  4. I’ve always liked these plants and blooms. Beautiful Marilyn 😀


    • They are beautiful and they own that corner of my dining room. They are potted with an orchid (that never blooms, but puts out great leaves) and a HUGE ivy. I cut the ivy back yesterday. It was really REALLY long. I think it will be healthier cut back.


  5. I’m amazed at what some plants will do with neglect!


    • Amazing, isn’t it? Especially anything succulent (roots and/or leaves) don’t want all that water. A lot of people don’t know much about the plants they own. They got them as gifts, so they keep watering them until they die of mud. Plants hate mud. So do I 😀


  6. They are a beautiful flowers. I have a red one also!


  7. I had forgotten all about these blang verses


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