How many Grackles can you fit in a small wooden bird feeder? I would have guessed “none,” but the Grackles had the final word. I believe somehow they managed to fit five into the feeder. They are going to clean us out of food in a hurry and it isn’t easy to get Grackles to move on. I think they will make the Cowbirds look easy!

We have a whole flock of Grackles out back. I’m hoping they don’t eat ALL the food. At least they aren’t bullying the other birds — yet. But they are big and they are determined and if they want to eat everything, I’m sure they will and the only way I can move them along is to take down the feeders. I’m reluctant to take away the food now when the weather is cold, but I may not have a choice. I guess I’ll see soon enough.

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  1. My goodness, they are huge — and it looks like they are real bullies. I hope they leave before all the others!

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    • They look like criminals in feathers, don’t they? I’m pretty sure if I don’t convince them to move on, they will drive all the other birds away and I’ll have nothing but Grackles. That means taking down the feeders for at least a couple of weeks. That’s how I finally got rid of the Cowbirds. They keep checking for food for a few days or maybe a week, but after that, they move on. I think they are beautiful, but they aren’t going to “mix” with the rest of our feathered friends. Still, they are fine-looking birdies — with a mean streak.

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  2. No they will not eat all the food, but what they don’t eat, they will throw onto the ground~! I find it difficult to like Grackles, and may note that they are driving other birds away~!

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    • They are pretty aggressive. I’m not sure what to do with them. Other than taking down the feeders for a week or two, I don’t think there IS much I can do. When we run out of food, I may leave it empty until the Grackles move on. Before we get into the more serious part of winter would be better than later.


      • I am too far from town to have many, but did you know that their poop will take the paint off your car.. I just not bring myself to like them…I have built large traps to catch Cow Birds as a conservation project, But that is another long story, which I must write about if I continue after the end of this month.


        • Fortunately, our car is very far from our feeders, way off to one side of the property. Mostly, the birds miss it – except when they don’t. I took my feeders down for three weeks and the cowbirds left on their own and probably I can do the same thing with the same result. The Grackles are here for the food and if there isn’t any, after a few days, they give up and move on. I don’t like taking the feeders down in cold weather, but it’s probably better than having the Grackles bully all the rest of the birds — and I’m sure they would. They look like bandits and those yellow eyes are downright ferocious.

          Are you at the end of your “annual” assignment? I got them to extend mine an extra six months because I was really unhappy. They couldn’t fix things, but they could make it financially a little easier.

          Honestly, if I didn’t blog, what else would I do with myself? Even though I’m blogging a lot less than I did, it gives me a place to say what I’m thinking and post photographs that otherwise no one would see. Despite that, on a lot of days — especially when WordPress has just made some stupid changes and I’m trying to figure out how to do what I used to do NOW, I’m ready to pack it in. If it weren’t for the photographs, I might.


          • Yes, I am not happy with them, last year they upgraded my site to a business site that I did not request and did not notice what they had done in time. They paid their selves over $300, taking it out of my credit card which I did not give permission, which I did not see in time, see it in time, they told me that I could not get it back. I do not need a business account because I only blog for entertainment and have no other need for that type.. I have a friend building another site for me with the idea of splitting the blanket.. I also correspond elsewhere on History and do a lot of writing on that. This is for pleasure and if it is no longer fun I have other ways to communicate.


    • Putting out a BOLO on these Grackles.


  3. Grackles are absolutely fearless! Great photos Marilyn. I have observed a pair of Grackles harassing a Great Blue Heron despite the size difference and also a Grackle mobbing a Red Tail Hawk so intently the Hawk fled. Good luck driving them off!

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  4. They look like they mean business, so I hope you have food–and plenty of it!


    • Beautiful though they are, we are going to have to find a way to move them along because they WILL clean us out. When they came by last week, they ate absolutely EVERYTHING — enough food for all the rest of the birds — counting the suet — for a week. They emptied it all in one day.

      They are beautiful, though. I just hope they move along without my help!


  5. I have generations of magpies visiting my backyard and they all have their own personalities.

    We have Fatso, Retard, and Dumbass. Retard bred and now him, Mrs Retard, and Son of Retard are teaching their offspring that my backyard is a safe place to get a feed and hang out.

    I may not be modern in my naming but they are named after their attributes and trust me they don’t care as they don’t understand human language or modern thinking.

    We also have Bower birds, parrots, doves, and others turn up for a feed with their own unique personalities but the magpies are my favourites by a country mile.


    • We don’t get Magpies on this side of the country. They all live in the west. Of course, they also live in Europe and Australia — just not here.

      These days, birds are moving all over the place because there are so many places where the woods are gone, so the birds are looking for places to live. There aren’t nearly enough wild areas. I try not to worry about it and just feed them and enjoy their beauty. I see these birds when they are babies, but we get flocks and I never know which of the grown up birds was a baby a month earlier. They grow up SO fast, don’t they?


  6. wow! We dont have those birds over here! xo


    • They live all over North America, including Texas — almost to Mexico. They are common but like most common birds, are rapidly disappearing. We keep cutting down woodlands and plowing the fields where they got food — so of course they eat whatever they can find. Farmers hate them because they eat crops, but farmers forget — the birds were here FIRST. Farmers are the intruders. WE are all intruders. But we never learn and it makes me sad.


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