I’m still on the watch for Grackles. Two of them showed up today and before I shooed them away, I took pictures. Shooing them away made me feel guilty. I realize I can’t have them feeding here and feed any other birds. There ought to be a way to feed them all. Let me know if I’m missing something I need to know.

Give me all your seeds or I’ll do something evil…
House Finch
Tufted Titmouse and a Chickadee

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  1. That is a mean looking bird. If you really want them to be able to feed maybe you could chase them off early in the day and later when you feel sure that the little birds have had enough allow any latecomers to stay. Unfortunately, birds don’t understand rostering. I’m sure they will cope though.


    • They don’t show up first thing in the morning. Around the middle of the day — 11, 12 — a huge flock of them shows up and suddenly, the entire deck, rails, and all the feeders are COVERED with Grackles. Today I swear there were several hundred of them in the trees and whenever I took a break from standing in the kitchen where I could shoo them away, they were back. Garry and I took pictures. Garry got some great pictures of them in flight and covering the trees. It’s really very Hitchcock these days. In the hour between my getting up, taking my morning medications, brushing teeth and all that basic stuff, they ate EVERYTHING. I had completely filled all the feeders yesterday afternoon and they were empty before noon today.

      I keep thinking they will leave. We are getting a warm spell over the weekend, so if the feeders are emptied by then, I am going to leave them empty for at least a few days and hope they will move on. That is about the only thing I can think to do.


  2. I think the Grackles are well equipped to look after themselves, Marilyn. I also had to chase away some bigger more aggressive birds to protect my weavers, robins, and other little ones.


    • I really AM trying to shoo them away and I thought yesterday they’d moved on. Today, I got up and my deck was COVERED with Grackles. Body to body everywhere. I think I’m going to have to leave the feeders empty until the Grackles give up and move on. I can’t think of anything else to do.

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      • Oh dear, I had a problem like this with pigeons and I also had to stop feeding the birds for a while. They starting lying around on the grass waiting to be feed and they chased all the other birds.


  3. Hi Marilyn. Your caption on that great Grackle photo is priceless!

    This site says that Grackles don’t like Safflower seeds:


    “A great alternative to squirrel proof bird feeders and squirrel baffles that will eliminate not only squirrels from your bird feeders but Grackles as well is to use Safflower seed.’

    This site echoes that advice:


    “Safflower Seed
    Safflower seed is a bitter seed used as a stand-alone feed or often mixed in birdseed blends. It is a favorite of cardinals and grosbeaks but deters nuisance birds such as grackles as well as squirrels.”

    Good luck!


    • All the little birds that eat here don’t like safflower seeds AND safflower seeds are expensive. I don’t mind the squirrels, by the way. I’m not trying to get rid of them. If I had the money to buy safflower seeds, I’d buy corn which would make the grackles, crows AND squirrels happy and probably keep them away from the regular feeders. But I don’t have that kind of money. I can barely keep up now. If by the weekend the feeders are empty, I’m going to leave them empty for at least three or four days and hope this breaks the cycle.

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