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  1. Poinsettias are possibly one of the most festive and colorful plants and have a long history as not only a Christmas symbol but also a plant that has been used to ward off evil spirits. One thing is certain they are without a doubt one of my favorite plants!


    • I just wish I could grow them rather than killing them. I can grow almost everything, but for the last five years, every poinsettia I’ve brought home has died in as little as two days. I wish I knew why.


  2. Wow, didn’t know that Poinsettias have so much variety in colour.


  3. We went to the USA in 1989 for my sister’s-in-laws wedding . We were there over Christmas and the Church was full of potted Poinsettias. They are selling them here in the florists, now, in Australia. At my parents’ home there was a Poinsettia tree, they are giant Poinsettias. https://i.pinimg.com/564x/43/9d/1e/439d1e642a4d7015b1351e0a198e5776.jpg


    • My sister in law grew poinsettias. They got really big. Not trees, but leggy. But in the right climate, I can see them as trees. Here, they don’t do well. I think i don’t have great light for them, but the quality of plants we’ve been getting isn’t great. We got much healthier plants when we could get them from a real nursery rather than a shelf in the grocery store.

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      • Yes, they might be insulted being designated grocery. We are very lucky, we have had blooms all through winter – now summer is here they will get a little tired. Except for the Cacti


        • We used to have some real nurseries, but the people who ran them got old. Some died, others just closed down. There’s just one in the area and we went there — before lockdown. I don’t even know if they are still open, but I do know that when I came home, the plants were full of insects. Maybe not a great nursery.


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