As Good As It Gets
Original posting on 12/10/2018

I’ve been following the progress of this Christmas Cactus since its first bud last month and now, it has come, I think, to the end of its peak.

I watered it yesterday. The water quickly made the flowers limp as I knew it would. But the segments of the cactus were beginning to curl inward, a sign that the plant was thinking about dying too. So, there comes a moment when you either water it, or it could up and die.

I picked watering rather than death. This has been an extremely healthy plant and I’d like to give it another year to bloom a few more times. One of these days, I’ll be forced to put it in a new pot, but I shudder at the thought. These guys — as Mrs. Angloswiss discovered — have a knack for self-destructing when you try to pot them. The branches fall apart, which is what they are supposed to do, but it is very unnerving when it happens.

IF you are going to put them in a new pot, let them dry out completely first and don’t do it when they have any buds on them.

Since I didn’t want to lose it, I realized I was going to lose the last of the buds, but I watered it.

It felt like dried sand, so I don’t think it was too early. If I’m lucky, it will bloom again in a few weeks. This is, after all, the season for blooming cactus.

So this is a fully blooming cactus. Not macros, but shot close without the macro lens. I wanted to show more of the entire plant this time.

NOTE: It got repotted, bloomed again. It has a whole new set of buds so I don’t think it’s done for the year. More blossoms to come.

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9 replies

  1. It is beautifully grown.


  2. Christmas around the corner.


  3. awesome it bloomed yet again! Keep watering it! ❤


  4. How absolutely gorgeous! I’ve seen this cactus for the past few Christmas seasons, and it always lifts my spirits! Thank you so much for sharing it with me! 🙂


    • I bloomed, but there are a lot more buds, so I think it’s going to bloom again very soon — like maybe next week. I love it too. It lifts everyone’s spirits 🌹


  5. Your photos are marvelous


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