I have adopted a simple philosophy about birds. If you can’t get rid of them, take their pictures. Garry got all the really good pictures. He got them up in the air, flying. I got this one because he was close enough to shoot. All the ones of the flock were just hanging oak leaves. I feel lucky I even got these. The others were taken a couple of days ago. You should not be surprised that I have a lot of Grackle pictures.

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  1. That first image is a dramatic picture. Maybe even frightening. I have Jays that invade my feeders.


    • We have Jays too, but they aren’t the invasion force like the Grackles. We get half a dozen Blue Jays, but we get HUNDREDS of Grackles. And anyway, I think they may have left. When we got back from the hospital, there wasn’t one to be seen. I think they may have moved on.


  2. I DID turn the Duke out this morning. The birds flew away — but not very far. They move to a further tree, but they don’t leave. There are SO many of them!

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  3. I can almost hear these birds, in their best Wicked Witch of the West voice: “I’ll get you, my pretty.” Cue the grackley laughter.

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