When we left for the hospital at noon, the deck was body-to-body Grackles. They were pushing each other out of the wooden feeder, had mashed together half a dozen birds in one flat feeder and were covering the railing and deck. I grabbed two cameras (two lenses) and got some pictures.

I actually got the birds in the photos today. Just as well these came out. Of the last 110 I took, 100 photographs had no birds in the picture and went into the trash. Although I greatly admire oak leaves — probably more than most people — I don’t need a gallery of limb-clinging leaves on the tall red oaks.

I was expecting to find the Grackles all over the deck — or having finished every last seed — they’d have gone to seek their fortune elsewhere. Instead, the deck was untouched. There wasn’t a Grackle in sight. Did they move on? Or are they taunting me, only to return tomorrow?

What strange birds they are!

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5 replies

  1. Glad you got your photos this time around!


  2. Maybe preparing to surprise you tomorrow!


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