FOTD – December 12 – The Christmas Cactus

And the beat goes on. One of the interesting things is that the flowers this year are red and white. You couldn’t see it yesterday, but you can easily see it in today’s pictures. I think it’s because it’s growing in completely different soil than it was in before. Previously, it was “regular” earth. now it is special soil designed for growing and seeding plants. It has almost no actual earth in it and that probably is why the flowers are a different color. Even if you change the water you give a plant, it can change the color of the flowers.

You can see the color changes in this macro

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  1. Your Xmas cactus is gorgeous this year. Wondered when you were going to unveil it.

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    • it took a while to decide to bloom again. It looked dead for a while, but I’ve had enough experience with these to know that almost dead with any succulent or cactus is not dead. If you don’t water them until they start to perk up, they survive. If you water them, they rot and die. Knowing when to water and when to NOT water is the real trick and it’s a hard thing to teach. You sort of need to “feel it” and not everyone feels their plants. My mother used to commune with her plants. She was the one who explained you must never have just one plant because they “talk” to each other.

      I remember looking at her as if she’d grown a second head. But later, when I was growing things, I remembered and I’ve never had just one plant. Because they talk to each other.

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