When came home yesterday and there were no Grackles, I wondered if they had moved on or would be back. All day I watched. Sometimes in early afternoon I spotted a couple up in the oaks. Eventually, around 3 pm, four Grackles converged on the deck. They did not push the little birds away, did not strip us of ever bit of food. They were polite.

Although the colors look fake, this is — in the right light — the colors you see on this incredibly shiny bird

Impossible you say? I would have said so, but that is exactly how it went. I let them be. They weren’t making trouble or being aggressive.

These were the perfect, well-mannered Grackles.

Okay, then. Are we taming the Grackles?

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  1. What a gorgeous little chappie, and I love that colouring. They remind me a bit of our starlings. Fantastic pictures, Marilyn. 🙂


  2. Their colors are beautiful. ’bout time they got some manners, but, boy, they sure are pretty.

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    • I think there’s a huge difference in behavior between a few grackles and a flock of them. We had a couple today who were just like normal birds. Without the backup of a few hundred close pals, they act like normal birds. They really are beautiful.

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  3. Maybe the gackles are just clever and are foxing you.


    • I think it’s the difference between a crowd and a single or maybe a few birds. When they come in a flock, they are very brave. Alone? They are just birds looking for a few seeds who are willing to tolerate and make way for all the other creatures. The difference between a mob of bullies and one scared guy. Apparently this is true of birds AND humans.


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