A Flashback Friday on Saturday

Caroline’s Cannabis Uxbridge Dispensary is a winner. We thought we were lucky when we got this single shop. Two years later, I can’t even count how many shops we have. All of them are located less than two miles from here. A couple are down the street. Just a pleasant walk in normal (normal?) weather — if you are a walker. Otherwise, a very short drive and they all have nice parking lots.

In April, Caroline’s was not yet bringing in the big crowds that shops closer to Boston were generating, but these days, pot is probably Worcester County’s biggest money-making business. Located right on the Rhode Island (not legal in RI) border, our shops are well attended. Some of better than other.

Caroline’s was the first, but they are still a good place with high quality goodies.

Standing on line on Wednesday (or was it Thursday?) was pleasant. People waiting on the steps of the local marijuana dispensary seem are always in a good mood. The sun was out and it was not cold. We chatted.

There was complete agreement that this shop needs an area in which to buy food. For the warmer months, a few tables with umbrellas along the woodsy side of the parking lot.

A bakery on the left, coffee and doughnuts on the right. It seems a waste of space to have a walk-in OR drive-through pot shop without tasteful goodies for follow up munching. For that matter, merely having a decent bakery in a town would be a winner.

We don’t have a dedicated bakery (not counting doughnut shops of which we have many) unless you count the mini bakeries in the grocery stores. The best bakery for bread (not cakes — Hannaford has better cakes) is remarkably, Walmart. That’s a longish drive for us. Seven or eight miles through miscellaneous towns though I suppose we could take the longer but faster road. It takes the same amount of time to get there, but you feel like you are going faster.

I’m pretty sure Caroline, the charming entrepreneur she is, may yet find a way to coerce the lady who bakes the world’s BEST cupcakes (she is in Uxbridge already) to set up a small outlet in the shop. The same baker also makes chicken pot pies that are expensive but delicious and big enough for at least two, maybe three people. Or one really big guy with a hearty appetite.

She could open up a whole restaurant for that matter and be the only good non-Asian restaurant in the valley. Our restaurants are really pathetic, so the bar for “best” is not high.

If that didn’t work out, any one of the local (NOT Dunkin Donuts) doughnut shops who also serve good coffee could bake a bunch of extra doughnuts and hire someone to serve coffee and voilà. A few tables outside for nice, warm days. Something good to smoke. Ahh. Joy and peace shall reign in our valley.

The shop is at the edge of town, very close to the main road that goes up to Worcester and down to Rhode Island. Convenient for everyone. It also has parking.

I bought a little bar of dopey chocolate while I was there the first time (when I actually got inside). It isn’t improving my back because nothing will fix that. On the other hand, I am sleeping like a baby and waking up in less pain.

All my muscles have loosened up. My spine is a disaster, but the muscles are relaxing and that’s great. I eat two little squares of chocolate when I get into bed. I don’t get stoned — or if I do, who could tell because I’m out for the count. I don’t even fall asleep.

First, I’m awake — then I’m out cold, waking up only to go tot he bathroom and crawl back into bed. Now, add some yummy food to make me a happy camper.

Getting to the nuts and bolts of the shop, they have a decent selection. Not huge. They run out late in the day, so if you want the full selection, you probably want to get there before lunch.

Everyone was extremely pleasant and as you might expect, laid back.

For how many of my younger years did I dream of legal pot shops? It’s like Garry and his new hearing: why didn’t that come 30 or 40 years ago? Well, at least something good has happened. We can’t change everything, but at least we can sleep better while we wait and hope.

Are we the envy of those little towns in Massachusetts? Maybe.

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  1. Food and pot together? I don’t think it takes a marketing genius to recognize this as an incredible opportunity to make a bundle. The food wouldn’t even need to be the best.
    My friends used to order Dominos pizza. You have to be baked to do that! lol.

    I tried gummies to help me sleep but the old fly wheel kept spinning all night. They work for my daughter.

    I’ve gotten high 3-4 times since it’s been legal and it just doesn’t do it for me anymore.
    When I was a kid without a care in the world it was great fun. But now I have too much to do to just sit around and ponder the universe.
    If I had the right variety that allowed me to let go of the “to do list” and relax, it may be a different story.
    And who doesn’t need to laugh uncontrollably once in a while?


    • I try to take it when I know I don’t have much to do. If I’m facing a busy day, the last thing I want is to be stoned. So we tend to take it at night, maybe a couple of hours before bed and we watch old movies, late night comedies we missed when they were originally on.

      It doesn’t work against pain for everyone. It doesn’t work on pain for me, but it does help me sleep. It doesn’t make pain go away, but it makes me care less and that’s not a small thing. It also slows my heart beat and drops my blood pressure by a solid ten points, top and bottom. I just have to be careful about how much I ingest. Less tends to be more.

      And no, it doesn’t work the way it did when we were young. It works differently for each of us. It is a lot stronger than whatever we smoked in college AND we aren’t the same kids we were. Kind of a new experience with shadows of the old.


      • It is a totally different experience. But us older folks need to relax. It’s just so hard to disconnect. That’s great that it drops your blood pressure. Probably has fewer side effects than anything your doctor would prescribe.


        • I hate to admit it, but this is in addition to the medication I take. But I had massive heart surgery five years ago and if I want to continue to live, i have to take the medications, see the doctor, get checked regularly and all that jazz. I’m lucky to still BE alive. So when my cardiologist suggested pot, I figured if there was ONE doctor that knew what I needed, he was probably the guy.


  2. Utah, like many of its kind (redder than red and immovably conservative) will be among the last to hop on the pot bandwagon. They had a small store here for about six months. The proprietor also sold ‘natural health remedies’. I think I only ever saw one or two people even in there. As far as I know pot is illegal here, or only legal with medical necessity or something. It sounds good for pain and for sleep, but for me? I’ll never try the various options because pot’s nastier side effect (besides the munchies) – paranoia comes to visit whenever I’ve inadvertently had some in the past. Hubby liked cooking… and gave me a brownie. One time. Not good (the brownie was excellent, the side effects? Very very bad). But I’ve heard some surprisingly positive testimonials from folks that I wouldn’t never credit with being that adventurous. Yay for Massachusetts, hmmm?


    • IF you want to try it, try a small amount at a time and be someplace comfortable — like bed or a recliner. If you don’t know your limit, a little bit — which may not work at all, then a bit more. I have a very soft head too, so I take less than half what Garry eats. When I forget and take more, I’m always sorry.


  3. Wow, this is a unique concept to me! Cannabis is illegal here except when prescribed in its medical form for a few rare and otherwise untreatable conditions. Even then, judging by occasional news stories, it’s hard to persuade a GP to prescribe it. The thought of just buying some cannabis chocolate in a shop seems strange. But from what you say about the benefits you get from it, I kind of wish it were legal here so I could try it. When my back plays up I get pains in my legs which can keep me awake at night, and it seems even one square of your chocolate could be beneficial!


    • GPs don’t prescribe it because they don’t have a clue about dosage. My OWN doctors look puzzled — except my cardiologist who was clearly a doper himself who just said “Have you tried pot? It might help you a lot.”

      Have I tried pot. Is the Pope Catholic?

      You sort of need to try it a little at a time until you figure out what works for you. Garry can eat a lot more of it than I can. But on the up side, the worst thing it will do to most people is put them to sleep and that’s not so awful. Helps to be IN bed at the time!


  4. So is cannabis legal just in your county or in the whole state?


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