The Fun and Frolics of a Medieval Christmas

And with these wonderful medieval thoughts, a very merry Christmas!

Each December, as the midwinter feasting season approaches, I set aside a little time amid the frenzy of preparations to delve into my medieval history books. In this precious little escape from the modern commercial hype I research some elements of Christmases long past that I can resurrect for my own celebrations. So now, each year we venture out with some secateurs and bring in the Christmas greenery, we listen to some early carols, and on New Year’s Day a new Templeton tradition sees us light a fire in the garden, rinse out the cauldron and cook up a delicious medieval feast. This year my research promises to add some real fun, because I’ve been getting a tantalising taste of medieval Christmas entertainments.

Contrary to the common belief that life in the Middle Ages was all drabness and drudgery, medieval people really knew how to enjoy themselves…

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  1. Many thanks, Marilyn. Merry Christmas to you and all your followers, and may you all have enough time to unwind and have some much-needed fun! 😀


    • They really DID know how to have a good time. I think that’s something we’ve mostly lost. Our version of fun is so controlled, so minimal compared to the enthusiasm and energy of the middle ages. I’m not sure those days will ever return, so I’m glad you’ve “picked up the ball” and are running with it. Maybe others will get the idea.

      Hugs to you and yours, and may this holiday season lead to something better very very soon!


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