If you read the last piece I wrote, you probably know I’m not feeling “top of the world” right now. I have, oddly, felt worse. I suppose the issues I have with reality these days are so overwhelming, I can’t even begin to cope with them. I don’t have to find a way out because I don’t see a way out. Not by me, anyway.

So instead, I’m rolling along, rereading Terry Pratchett, planning a holiday dinner, watching old Christmas movies and trying hard to not think about anything “upsetting.” Since everything out there in the world is upsetting, I am finding not thinking at all is the way to go.


What is your least favorite holiday side dish? 

Turkey. Roasted, sliced, diced, or boiled to a soup, I’d rather eat almost anything else. Who decided we had to eat turkey anyway? Dry, tough meat and the only good part of it used to be the stuffing until we were warned we would poison ourselves if we put the stuffing IN the turkey. And imagine, all those years we ate stuffed turkey and we didn’t die. How did we survive? Oh, wait — SIDE dish? As far as I’m concerned, the turkey IS a side dish. I like everything else — just not the turkey.

What is the ugliest or most tasteless decoration you’ve ever seen?

I have seen too many. That’s probably why I can’t see. I’ve been blinded by naked Santas, drunken Rudolphs, and sickeningly sweet cherubs. I couldn’t tell you which one was worse than the others. They were ALL bad.

What is a cherished or unusual (either or both) family tradition from your childhood?   

I was raised Jewish. There are no family Christmas traditions because we never had a family Christmas.

Jesus would not celebrate Christmas either. Jesus was Jewish. Besides, it would be rude to have a national holiday for oneself and overall, he was a polite, nice kind of guy.

You’re walking down the street, feeling great — what holiday song would be playing in the background?

Sleigh Bells played by the Boston Pops.


We aren’t completely broke. No one is fighting with anyone about anything. I got two new cashmere sweaters (at 70% off each!) to replace my 20-year-old sweaters that are covered in ratty little pills, they were in urgent need of replacement. If the world weren’t crashing around us, it might have been a great holiday season. It’s just I can’t quite get the looming disasters out of my head. They are like worms eating my mental hard drive.

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  1. Thanks Marilyn for Sharing. It sounds like things are fairly bleak this year for you though. I have been repeatedly reminded to ‘find’ my own joy in this time of year though. It’s short and for the space of four weeks, why can’t they just turn off the depressing bullshit? Give humanity a break and the world a chance to recover some of the former joy? Maybe it has been depleted though. Well sweetie the Boston Pops playing Jingle Bells would certainly lighten my mood. When I remember that Jesus was a Jew, it strikes me anew how ironic ‘Christmas” really is. Maybe He is supposed to be an example and reminder of what humanity COULD be if we would only try harder. Auggh. A bit of optimism popped out there. Sorry. You guys stay healthy and warm, and hug the dog. The pets are magical I swear and exude comfort as well as basic joy. Take care!


    • The problem is that you can’t entirely escape reality because — well — it’s real. We are always trying to get enough news to know what the weather is going to be while not having to listen to the latest COVID stats or heaven help us, politics.

      I always find it kind of funny that everyone seems to forget that Jesus was NOT a Christian and that the whole religion was founded after he had been gone for quite a while. I’m sure HE would have found Christmas to be very ironic. When I don’t think about it, we are okay. Not thinking about the world is a better place for me and the Duke still makes us laugh. He is such a hoot!

      Have the best holiday you can!


  2. Not a good year for me either, and I also hate turkey. I make oncdumplings with canned broth and eat that, but no turkey please. My Christmas dinner this year will be a White Castle slider or two. I haven’t seen my kids on Christmas day for almost 40 years. My birthday is the day after so they come then for a dual celebration, only once again I am injured and in pain at Christmas. No tree because it is on the top shelf in the closet and I can’t get to it while my broken ankle is not healing right. I think this year I’m the Grinch, and I never even liked that movie.


    • Broken ankles are nasty and take a long time to heal. Are you in plaster or a boot? Although these days, boots are quite the thing, I think everything healed better in plaster. Faster and better, but with a lot more itching.

      I hope your kids are coming even if you can’t get the tree down! I never liked the Grinch story much either, but it has become a symbol of people who don’t like Christmas — with no regard for WHY they may not love Christmas. I like Christmas fine — for someone who isn’t Christian — and enjoy the lights and songs and all that stuff, but I’m always aware that it really isn’t my holiday and I’m just the caboose on a very long Christmas train.


  3. Tasteless decorations…I am not a fan of the blow-up Rudolph, Frosty, or Santa that people have in their front yards. But wait a minute–does that house have a blow-up Nativity scene in their yard? Darn right they do! Totally tasteless.


  4. I can’t turkey, it makes my very ill…


  5. For some reason this year it’s harder to focus on Christmas than last year. I suppose I thought we’d be coming out of the pandemic by now but the case numbers are worse than ever since many states opened their borders and the rise of Omicron. NSW went from 200 plus cases a day to over 2000 in about a fortnight. We were living a more or less normal life here in Tasmania but now that’s changing too and it makes me feel sad.


    • I’m having a hard time with focusing. Between one thing and another, I feel caught between a rock and a hard place. We’ve got huge Omicron numbers too and they are expected to somehow get worse. A regular vaccination without a booster is not offering much protection. Not good news for we old folks.

      Not a great year for us either. But we are doing our best.


  6. It’s a heavy world. I understand. I’m with you on the turkey. I absolutely love the side dishes. My sweet Mom made me a meat loaf at Thanksgiving. Now if that isn’t love what is? I hope your spirits get lifted by something simple that will halt the mind mania. When I catch the news my head literally hurts. I went to the license bureau this morning and ALMOST lost faith ~but I’ll hang on to it; and hope.


    • It’s like getting beaten repeatedly. News is everywhere. You can’t avoid it. Each time I accidentally see a headline or god forbid a first paragraph, I’m back in the bleak, dark jungle of horrors we seem to call home. I don’t think it IS my home. It doesn’t feel homey.

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