Season Two, a faux review by Rich Paschall

Last year at this time we were hoping this depressing story would not be renewed for a second season. By mid-July, it looked like there would be no new episodes. But one of the networks actually worked hard to have it continue and by Fall there were all-new episodes on the schedule. These not only had elements of the previous season to contend with, but also variants the viewing public did not expect. Here we are again, with the same heroes and villains bringing new plot twists.

The Grinch has nothing on the evildoers of this storyline. They have worked to keep the pandemic going much to the chagrin of the other characters, and of course, the audience too. No one can miss the element of irony introduced this year, as the work of the villains is actually killing off many of their supporters. Nevertheless, they persist in the actions that add more episodes to the second season.

Everywhere from the Small Village to the large metropolis, theaters were closed. Many restaurants closed too. Some schools were forced to return to remote learning. Live events had to once again limit the audiences. Sports saw cancellations and delays. This is the “freedom” the antagonists had convinced the people they all wanted. Many of the characters in the show cheered these developments.

This leads to some sad story arcs that do not seem appropriate to holiday-themed shows. Hospitals were overwhelmed which introduced us to the characters of overworked doctors and nurses. Courtroom dramas became a new element as the guys in black hats took their battles to the conservative courts. With the programs going off in so many directions, it would only seem right that the Neilsen ratings begin to turn against this show.

Despite the convincing roles played by the villains of this drama, we give this series just one star. There is nothing redeeming about the presentation and we are hoping that this is the final season. Unfortunately, the FAUX network has pledged to bring it back until they have enough episodes for a syndication run.

Last season the holiday episode brought just one bright moment, as one of the heroes looks back on the crazy year. It was the closing number of the show.

The fictional review above is just a bit of satire running around in my brain. However, David Archuleta really did drop the above song on us right before Christmas last year. It seems like it fits the holiday season again this year.

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  1. a sad state of affairs and brilliantly written –

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  2. I had a long reply ready to send but it just disappered into the ether surrounding us these days. There is no end to this story, and next year the show will be back for a third season. I want to change the channel but none of my remotes seem to work on stupidity and insanity. So, the show will go on while the people die in the streets and the corners. I expect this one will be with us for several seasons and soon Nero will begin playing his fiddle again while the world self-destructs. Merry Christmas to all and hopefully a good night!

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  3. Sometimes I wonder if this depressing story will EVER end. Maybe THIS is how earth cleans herself up — by getting rid of humans. It would serve us right.

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