I was on my way out on the deck to feed the birds. I heard a lot of noise. Off to the right, two very big oak trees were filled to capacity with Grackles. What a noise they made! They hung around near the house all day, flying — all of them — between back and front yards. As I was heading in to get a camera, a couple of hundred of them decided to land on the deck. How many Grackles can you fit in a rather small bird feeder? I think they have made it to six, unless you count the extra grackles clinging by talon to the side of the feeder.

So having hit the deck, so to speak, with enthusiasm if not elegance, they yelled at each other, then flew away without eating anything. Okay then. It almost looked like drunken frat boys trying to get to the beer.

I had to look it up. If it was a “murder of crows,” what are grackles? The official answer is “a plague of grackles.” I can understand why some people might feel that way.


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  1. Marilyn–that last photo would be the perfect cover for your book: A Murder of Crows. A Plague of Grackles. 😉


  2. Enjoy the birds visiting! Bet they made loads of noise! xo


    • When they are in a crowd (or, as birders like to call it, a mob) they caw. They all sound like crows. I think this particular mob of black birds was mostly grackles, but there were also some crows because when the grackles landed, a few crows (fish crows) came with them.

      They are noisy, though not as noisy as that many birds could be. They are still hanging around, but aside from dropping by for a few seeds, they are obviously eating the acorns in the woods. There are tons of acorns in there, so I’m glad something is eating them.


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