CFFC: Four Colors or More

Four of more colors? Almost anywhere in my house has at least that many colors, though it is more obvious some places than others!

Bright bouquet — five colors not counting the brick background
A bird of myriad colors!
Our bed covering of many colors
I can’t count how many colors are in this picture, but I’m sure it’s at least four!
Sunset in Arizona. Can you count the colors?

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  1. Beautiful and joyous. Thank you!


  2. Oh the bird and sky are phenomenal photos. Great response Marilyn, Happy New Year to you and Garry (and Owen). 😀


    • And a great year to both of you, too! We aren’t doing anything special which is fine. So let’s hope the new year is better than the past bunch of years. It’s about time we had a good one.

      Isn’t that bird amazing? in the sunshine, those grackles are every color (except white).


  3. Love the vibrant colours in these, especially that bird – what species is it? Some sort of starling I’m guessing but not like our UK ones, more like those I’ve seen in India and Africa!


    • That’s a Common Grackle — the color phase called “purple,” though it’s every color. and in sunlight, they are amazing and seem to carry every color except white or black. There is another color set: brown or cream on the body and turquoise or bright blue on the head. They all travel together and from a distance, look black — like small, slight elongated crows. They have been visiting us — several hundred of them (called a Plague of Grackles) — for almost a month. I thought they were gone because I didn’t see a single one yesterday, but when I was at the other end of the house, I heard the cawing. A few hundred grackles is LOUD. They’re back.

      Luckily, they don’t eat much of the food we put out. I think they are here for the acorns. We live in an oak woods and there are millions of acorns everywhere.


  4. Such beautiful pictures


  5. 7 colors in each photo, Marilyn!❤


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