Bushboys – Last Photo on Card Challenge – December 2021

Normally, this wouldn’t be confusing, but I pulled all my cards on Friday (12-30), so I did this using already downloaded photos. Fortunately, the date is part of the title format, so I know when each picture was taken. I don’t know the order, though, because they don’t always get downloaded in the same order they were taken. Still, this should be close enough — or so I hope!

Garry’s camera: Olympus OMD-10 M3, f3.5 14-150mm Olympus telephoto

I should have used a faster lens. I was hurrying to get the piece posted, so I used the lens already on the camera, a f3.5 14-150mm telephoto. I wanted the flexibility of the telephoto, but his room is always dark. It faces northeast, so the sun never comes in through either window. I used it anyway — or one of the other versions of it. I think I took six of them and this was the last. To be fair, this is a pretty dark house no matter where you are — and it was (and still is) raining.

Olympus OMD (original) using f1.4 30mm Sigma prime lens

We haven’t had a bright day in almost two weeks. It has been grey and rainy from dawn to dawn. It’s still raining now it’s cold. Snow tonight?

Olympus PEN F using f1.8 25mm Olympus prime lens

This is where having an actual standing light would be useful. I actually had a set of them which I used constantly when I was running my online antique and collectibles shop. I gave them to a friend when I closed the shop. I wish I’d kept ONE lamp, just for stuff like this but they took up so much space, I wanted to get rid of that carton.

Olympus OMD 1 M2 using 100-300mm Panasonic/Leica “birding” lens

This last one is just a bit dark, but brightening it was no big deal. I took at least a dozen of these. I don’t think I used this specific picture, but one very much like it was at least processed. I don’t actually remember whether or not I used the photo yet, but I’m sure I will. Eventually.

I still should have found space for just one standing light. My bad.

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  1. A wonderful lot of Last Photos Marilyn. Love the silhouetted birds and that dog looks so wistful. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂


    • Thanks 🙂 For once, they didn’t come out really bad — and I could find them! I did reduce the size but I had to restrain myself from actually editing.

      The Duke ALWAYS looks wistful. It’s part of his Canine Begging Platform (CBP) 😀

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