FOTD – January 4 – Amaryllis

Nothing is blooming right now except — as always — the Anthurium. So these are the Easter Lilies from days of yore. I don’t remember how I got this particular “look” for these flowers. I am not even sure even I could reconstruct it. At least I have the pictures.

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  1. Oh how beautiful Marilyn ;D


    • Thanks Cee. I wish I’d saved this set of filters, but it probably wouldn’t matter since the filters I used won’t work anymore after all the changes to both the Mac and PC interface over the past six months — with much more on the way. I really miss some of those filters, especially the “sketch” set.


  2. These are incredible pictures, Marilyn.


    • Thank you. White and red are the two colors hardest to photograph — or at least I have always found them the two hardest. So I created this format for these — and then forgot to save it. I have no idea if I will ever be able to reconstruct it.

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  3. Lovely engineering, Marilyn.


    • Once I got the formula worked out, I used it on a series of shots, but I didn’t save it and I have no idea why I didn’t save it. I usually save these engineered (great word!) formats, but I slipped a mental disc.


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