Captions: Garry Armstrong

They never entirely left. For a while, there were only a couple of them hanging around. Sometimes, a mob of them would show up and I could see and hear them from anywhere in the house. Once, I could hear them, but not see them. I figured they were on the other side of the house or in a part of the woods I can’t see.

“I’m walking here. I’m WALKING here!”
“What’s your vector Victor?”
“You can’t HANDLE the truth!”
“Shane, come back Shane…”

And of course, there are more. We might even have one more sunny day before the snow hits on Friday and next week.

Categories: Anecdote, Birds, Blackstone Valley, Garry Armstrong, Grackle, Humor, Photography

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4 replies

  1. Bravo! Both captions and photos were great! It’s never bad day to stop sniffing glue…


  2. Perfect captions! 😂


  3. Great shots of the birds and fun captions 😆


  4. They are good looking birds. Is that birdist or birdism?
    This years round of magpies is a treat here as last years fledglings are this years parents. We also have a couple of currawongs visiting now. The best way to have pet birds I reckon.


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