The grackles come and go, but for the past week, mostly, they have come. They never stay all day, but there are so many of them, if each take a nibble, they eat everything in half a day and the little birds get nothing. So, this morning, I saw a lot of them watching the deck from up in the oaks. Every few minutes, they would move in a little tighter. When they got REALLY close — one hop’s worth — away, I open the door and say: “YO! GRACKLES! Move on.” And they do. For a while.

Finding the picture I liked took me a while. I took a lot of pictures. I dumped the blurry and dark ones and some of the redundant ones. I have to start being a little more willing to delete than saving everything, regardless.

While I was waiting for the Grackles to come back, I cleaned all those little things that live on shelves — and the shelves. Windows, display shelves and sills. Clean clean.

I’m afraid to look. They are probably back. I’m afraid they are going to decide to settle down and breed. I think that’s a bit more grackle than I want.

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  1. Never heard that term before, but it fits.


    • I was reading a book and they were talking about pirates — and I thought “Maurauders,” and instantly, our grackles came to mind. The good thing is that they are easy to shoo away. Unlike the brown-headed Cowbird, you tell them to leave — and they leave. But they come back. They usually leave at least a couple of lookout birds nearby so when they think it’s safe, they call the rest of the horde. Lucky they are so beautiful!


  2. The pictures are great, though.


    • I got some winners yesterday. Today though, no photos. I just stayed in the kitchen an extra couple of hours to keep shooing them away. While I was waiting, I cleaned. I supposed that’s what you call a positive outcome to a difficult situation.

      It is supposed to snow tonight. Six to eight inches — a real snowfall. I was hoping we’d miss it. Guess not, but we’ll see in the morning. If it snows that much, the birds will be SUPER hungry tomorrow.


      • Not only is it a positive outcome, it’s multi-tasking! I saw the weather for you–we are supposed to be low of 37 here in Florida. You know, that might as well be snow for us! Looking forward to more photos of those beauties.

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