The Grackles have been lingering. I’m worried they they are thinking about roosting here. Today was the first day they brought the ladies here. I’d only seen males before. Today, there were bunches of solid brown birds — the lady grackles. Brown is nature’s default color — at least in the avian world. If a bird isn’t any fanciers color, he or she (usually she) is brown. Sometimes with speckled or spotted white markings.

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  1. I don’t see them in my area much, but I know they’re in many parts of Missouri in addition to your yard! Happy New Year to you and Garry!

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    • There are Grackles all over North America. There are far fewer than there were and now, because of all the cutting down of forests, the have come here. This wouldn’t be their natural choice. They like farmland and MOSTLY, they like CORN. Farmers dislike them because they can destroy a cornfield in very short order and having watched them at work, I believe it. They are beautiful, but if they decide to roost here, I’m not sure how to manage it. They push all the smaller birds out of the way and there are so many of them. This is — even for grackles — a huge flock. They must have been reading the blog and seen all the pictures of other birds eating and decided “Hey, there’s FOOD there!”

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  2. Them grackles !!! they just don’t go away! And look how beautiful they are!
    Looks like they’ve sort of commandeered the feeder tho.

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    • They ate all the food. As long as I stand by the back door and keep rapping on the glass when they gather, it’s fine. The MINUTE I leave? Hundreds of them descend. I can’t take away the feeders this time of year but these guys are beginning to settle in which is worrisome. I don’t mind them passing through, but I don’t want them as permanent residents, either. I’m just not sure what to DO about them.


    • Them Grackles! They show no mercy for the other birds. We need to deal with them. We need men. 7 men with guns.


  3. Oh geez–I think they’re bring the cousins and in-laws, too! Their eyes re so piercing, but they are really pretty birds.


    • They are a lot funnier with piles of snow on their beaks! I notice in this weather, all the birds are surprisingly equal. I can’t do much out there until it stops snowing. Right now, it’s almost stopped, but the wind is dropping piles of it from branches. An amazing transformation in our world!

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