It’s romantic, or so “they” say. I mean, those same folks write songs about it. Orchestral pieces. In your open carriage dashing through the snow — and freezing your butt off because, hey folks, it’s cold out there! I went up to get the trash can and I took a camera. It was twilight. The clouds had cleared away and we had a lovely sunset.

Note sadly broken gate. Can’t fix it till the weather warms up
The road home

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  1. I definitely dont love winter in ireland! I hate all the dark, cold, rainy and icy days! Xx


  2. But it looks so pretty.


  3. What is the old tractor? An English Fordson? Started to write again after many months. I feel guilty looking at the Nikki The Greek Leaving Ikaria sitting on my screen. So far about 60’000words and many more to come. Sales for my four other books are very slow. Great White shark tales have plenty of followers. I can not envisage everything being covered in snow Being an Aussie I do not like the cold. I would rather 45 Cenerdrade than 45 below James


    • These days, warm weather is far more agreeable to us, too, but we live here, so we deal with it.

      I did NOT know that Fordson’s were English. We wanted to restore it, but the parts are not available anywhere and it needs everything. So, it’s a garden decoration. The trees grew around it, so it is never leaving, at least not while I have anything to say about it.


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