Our driveway — even after serious plowing, is still an icy mess. It defrosts just enough during the day to refreeze at night. Especially tomorrow night because that midwestern deep freeze is coming to the valley tomorrow night — with just a little freezing rain to make is a special event for one and all.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Garry.🌹😀


  2. Oops, the credit for these particular photos should go to Garry:)


  3. The light is wonderful in these photos, Marilyn!


  4. That top photo is amazing. I love the way the snow collected on that old vehicle. Such a cool look.


    • I love that tractor. Garry gave it to me as a 10th anniversary present. Not every guy give his wife an antique (full size) tractor as an anniversary gift 😀 Unique.


  5. My drive (in my New Hampshire house) is north of the house and barn. After the first snow it never totally unfreezes all winter so I have to do a fantastic job in snow removal. With the freezing rain happening right now, well, I have a luge course set up and ready to go 😉


    • The problem is deliveries — like oil. They won’t bring the big tanker onto anything but clean pavement because if it starts to slide, it’s big, heavy, and would make a real mess of ones house. But there’s nothing more we can do right now. We can’t use salt (too close to the well) so I’m hoping we get a day or two of warmer weather THAT would help. I think everyone around here forgot about winter because they are acting like a major blizzard is on the way.

      We didn’t get the freezing rain (thank you thank you weather gods). I hate the dark ice we get.

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