I’ve been trying to get enough time to start the course in drawing for which I signed up. It seems by the time I get through feeding birds, doing whatever I need to do for dinner — and today, cooking the Duke’s meals for the next week, it’s already late in the day. I can’t believe how much time I spend in the kitchen, cleaning up the kitchen, putting everything back where it belongs.

This is the big peril of a tiny kitchen. Forget about cleanliness. If I don’t clean each time I do anything, I’ll have to do it before I do anything else. There’s no spare space. No room in the cupboards or counters and just one closet. Good thing we have a flat electric range because a lot of work gets done on that surface. I don’t know how I’d survive without it.

The birds take another half hour, but this morning, longer because the seed hulls had mixed with the snow and made a solid lump on the deck, it was bad. There’s no hose this time of year. We turn it off to keep it from freezing.

Finally, I enlisted Garry to sweep off as much as he could. There was still a solid patch of solidified seed hulls mixed with ice.

This is what the deck looked like when it was freshly painted. It doesn’t look like this now!

I filled a bucket with hot water and a dollop of Dawn and again calling on Garry for the muscles, tossed it on the deck and was able to dislodge most of the solidified mess. There’s going to be a lot of cleaning up in the spring. Why do I think it’s going to be me doing it?

Now it’s almost three in the afternoon and I’ve lost another day to housework. I don’t even like housework, but since no one else has shown any aptitude (or willingness) to do it, there’s only so much grunginess I can live with. If anyone has ever needed a helper to clean, I think I might be IT.

Who do you think is an example of a successful person?

An interesting question. Someone who has, towards the latter part of their life, feels satisfied that he or she has done his or her best. I’m sort of there as is Garry, but we both wish we had done more or better. I don’t know anyone who considers him or herself “successful.”

I know a lot of people who feel they are on the right track, but aren’t there yet. Maybe it’s never quite feeling you’ve fully done “it all” that keeps us moving. There’s always something more waiting for us around that next bend in the path.

Why are you doing what you’re currently doing? 

Because if I don’t write now, my brain will go all mushy be the evening and I won’t even want to try. I can work with photography very late, but writing? Morning is my time.

This is on the late side and in a couple of hours, it will be too late.

What is your personal theme song?

Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony – Pastoral

What do you think about tofu?

I can deal with it in very small amounts, like diced up in soup. Otherwise, I don’t like it. I think liking it a lot means growing up in a family where it’s a normal food item. I dislike kale, too. Anything that is supposed to be THAT good for me, I probably don’t like.

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  1. I’m the same with writing. I need to get on with it, if I decide to do it after work it never gets done.


  2. Thanks for Sharing Your World, Marilyn! Be careful with that icy situation on the deck. I almost slipped and fell in my own bathroom because there was a little water on the floor. Your solution of tossing the Dawn and warm water out there might help for a while, but it’ll get icy again I’m sure. I’m glad you made it ‘under the wire’ to get your blogging done and I hope things get suitable arranged for your drawing class too! I actually colored last night, and finished 2/3 of a complicated Mandala (I think that’s what they call those patterned wheels). I understand the dusk into evening fogginess. I get it too, physically any way. So far my brain hasn’t caught the fog, unless I don’t eat properly soon enough. But diabetes is responsible in my case. I’m glad you cope so well with all you have to do! I appreciate the effort! Have a great week!


    • I think in my case it’s age. I get tired and when I get tired, I lose focus. Which is probably absolutely normal. That’s when a nice old movie — or an audiobook — sneaks in. No thinking required. I actually finally got started drawing and it’s really fun. I’m not exactly a great artist, but sketchbooks are really diaries with pictures. They are not for display, though some people do amazing drawings. Mine are not quite amazing. Maybe practice will help. I only have one day’s worth of work so far and at least one thing is pretty acceptable. Better than I expected.

      I know the ice will be back, but I at least needed to get the gluey bird hull mess off the deck. It’s going to be a mess in the spring when the snow melts. Ugh. I’m going to be out there scrubbing and scraping for a week.


  3. I prefer to write in the morning although I do a lot in the evening. When I lived alone the first two hours of any day that I didn’t have to go out was spent on the computer. That was mostly because of living in a different time zone from the majority of the bloggers I read and who read my stuff. I liked to get up and see what everyone had written since I went to bed.


    • I’ve always been best when I’m fresh. By the time I’m done with kitchen detail and all the other stuff, I’m tired and I’m old enough that tired means I’m not sharp. I used to get a solid five or six hours of focus in the morning. Now, it’s more like two or three. I miss me.

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  4. I like your response to the first question. Very good


    • Thanks. I suspect too much self-satisfaction makes it hard to want to do much of anything. I’m not unhappy with my life. There are things I wish I’d done better or tried harder, but I did pretty well. All things considered 😀

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