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A lot of pictures I take of grackles look black and white until I do a lot of lightening. They are dark and are inevitably against a lighter background, so unless it’s a very tight shot, it looks more like a silhouette than a colorful photograph. The colors are in there, though. This time, I didn’t have to go looking for the colors because (ta da) the pictures are in black and white. No color required. What a relief!

Black & White

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  1. The eyes really stand out in b&w 🙂


  2. Those eyes are something wonderful. Great shots 😀 😀


  3. They don’t look like they are happy together LOL Great images.


    • I don’t think it’s possible for a Grackle to look happy. They are the ORIGINAL angry birds. Crazy, dangerous birds. And yet — they are actually quite shy and if you shoo them away a few times, they leave and don’t come back until the next day. And we get a break. They eat EVERYTHING if we let them.


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