A while ago, I was baffled why so many people seem so angry all the time. Especially since most of them are not deprived, not poor, not working in terrible jobs. Most of them are middle to upper middle class people who for reasons I couldn’t fathom, are furious with their world.

Then, one day, as they were chanting “Kill the Jews, kill the Blacks” and other charming commentary it occurred to me what they have in common is hatred. They hate ME. And Garry. They hate most of the people I know. They are furious that people exist in this country who aren’t Christians, aren’t white, don’t celebrate the same holidays. They want us to leave and never come back. If that doesn’t work, there’s always killing us as a fallback position.

I’m in the middle of a third book on the history of Australia, Girt Nation: The Unauthorised History of Australia, Volume 3. It’s free on Audible if you are a subscriber. I read the first two volumes by the same author, so it was nice to get the latest volume. A lot of what he’s writing about is racism and that Australians were and are incredibly racist — as are most nations that emerged from the old British “empire.” It turns out the the U.S., Canada, and Australia share a level of racism I thought had died with the end of the second World War.

Not true. It went silent and dark. It didn’t go away and it wasn’t asleep. Even though both Garry and I have been objects of hatred and racism over the years, I didn’t take it seriously. I knew there were a certain number of nut jobs walking around and some of them hated me, others hated him, and together, we were a well-hated couple. I paid them no attention and moved on with my life.

I may have not taken them seriously, but they were taking me — and Garry — very seriously.

Now, I look at those angry people. I know what they want which is for me and Garry to be gone — or dead. Either will do nicely. They want everyone from the Arab countries to go too. They wouldn’t mind if all the Indians and Pakistanis left. Out west, there are a fair number of people who are sorry we didn’t successfully slaughter ALL the Indigenous peoples. Meanwhile, I’m sure those Indigenous peoples are terribly sorry they fed those starving Pilgrims.

I guess I wanted to say that aside from left-right-Democrat-Republican stuff, what is so demoralizing and depressing is after all these years, they still hate us. Racism never left. It went underground and silent and became even uglier than it had been. Trump brought it back to the surface and that’s why they are so fervently loyal to him. Not because they think he did great stuff for this nation, but that he told them “Hey, hate your hearts out! I hate them too. Let’s all get together and do some serious hating.”

They have done that. Scratch one of Those People and beneath the skin, they are crawling with loathing for anyone who isn’t white, Christian, and just like them. They want a revolution — but it’s not the government they want gone. It’s me. It’s Garry. Maybe it you, too. They want things like they were — not in the 1990s or 1970s. More like the 1930s and 1940s when jolly old Hitler showed those damned Jews where to go.

Does this include EVERYONE? Obviously not. It is probably about a third of the adult population — but more like 75% of the Republican party. It wouldn’t bother me if they weren’t encouraging it, but they are. There are a lot of good people out there and some are our friends. The problem is that way too many people ARE like that. They are not the majority, but are a huge and powerful minority who have a lot of control of the government and corporate America.

Society has theoretically changed, but it hasn’t changed nearly as much as it should have. Laws were passed. Even a constitutional amendment was passed. But, NEVER PROPERLY ENFORCED. I think most of us — me included — figured by passing the laws and amendment, we’d fixed it. We also needed some serious education to go with the laws and amendments — and that never happened.

This is why I can’t have a conversation with them. They won’t talk to me or Garry and I’d just as soon skip the conversation. I’ve had a lot of those conversations over the years, hoping that just ONCE I could convince one of those people that we aren’t bad people — just differently colored and differently religious.They are not interested in talking things over. Haters don’t want to be talked out of hating because it’s in their DNA. Take away their hate and they haven’t anything else worth living for. It’s the hatred which drives them to be the horrible people they are. If you don’t believe that, I’m guessing you’re white and vaguely (at least) Christian.

If those people don’t scare you, why not? They should scare you.

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  1. My Dad had a lot of racist tendencies. Racism is taught they say, so I don’t where he picked it up because he never really had a Father. His Mother? Don’t know? She was of Brit background and fancied herself as Upperclass Aristocracy. So there could be plenty of Racism there. Of course, when you’re a kid you don’t know any better – so you pick that stuff up and carry it on and it’s not really hard to find other people with the same crap. My Mum wasn’t racist at all though – thank Goodness. She was Brit Middle Class and a devout Anglican Christian. And she really seemed to figure out that Jesus’ simple message was Love. And she practiced that – Good Will to all. I like to think I measured up on her side of the family. But I still had to unlearn the garbage I got from Dad – and that’s not so easy – and takes time. Canadians? I’d say the average Canadian is pretty tolerant. Of course we have some racism here – it’s everywhere. Always will be. I learned myself, very early, that you definitely don’t want to be DIFFERENT in any way. And I am very different in a few ways. None of those are bad, wrong or evil. Quite the contrary. But you very quickly learn to keep them under your hat. Wars are fought daily – large and small – individually and World Wide – because of Racism. The insurrection at Congress definitely demonstrated that Racism is alive and deep with a lot of people.
    We’re not going to get rid of it. We can only practice Good Will and common decency in our lives and world and carry on. Most of us do that. Amen.


  2. I agreed with you 150% until the “it’s in their DNA.” It’s a figure of speech I know, but also scary to think about because that condemns future generations to the same hatreds. We do know that hate begets hate, and that parents pass on (or try to) their beliefs to their offspring. And yes, in my lifetime (and yours) hatred just seems to have gone underground only to be disinterred by Trump. But as someone who taught teenagers for decades I also know that children don’t always follow the path their parents have trod, especially when surrounded by peers who are different and become their friends. I think that’s why support for the GOP is so much lower among the youngest voters. We see the exceptions to that in the Proud Boys and the Kyle Rittenhouses, but there are many more young people marching to show their support for black lives mattering. It’s hard to stay positive in the face of so much that is awful, but I just try to channel Jesse Jackson and “Keep hope alive!”


  3. Racism and hatred has always puzzled me. Perhaps that’s due to my entire life being one of judging people on an individual basis. I like or dislike a person on their merits, or lack of merits instead of anything else. Proves some parts of being an Asperger can be positive.
    Admittedly the push to discriminate and segregate people is historical and accords power to those who develop a following. Ultimately it is one of the sad facts about humanity and civilisation.


  4. Hi Marilyn, I have been watching for a post from you since I came back on-line on Monday. I am glad to see one now. I don’t think all people are like this, I don’t even think most people are like this, I think that people like this make a lot of noise though. Society has changed since the end of WWII even if some elements haven’t, there are lots of good folks out there. Hugs.


    • Of course not ALL people. Probably about 1/3 of the population — but maybe more like 75% of the Republican party. It wouldn’t bother me if they weren’t encouraging it, but they are. There are a lot of good people out there and many of them are friends. The problem is that way too many people ARE like that and while they are not a majority, they are a huge and very powerful minority with a lot of control of both government and business.

      Society has theoretically changed, but it hasn’t changed nearly as much as it should have. Laws were passed. Even a constitutional amendment was passed. But. NOT ENFORCED. I think most of us — me included — figured by passing the laws and amendment, we’d fixed it. The problem is, we also needed some serious education to go with those laws and amendments — and they never happened.

      These are very scary people. Their hatred of “others” runs deep and they don’t care who sees it. They are proud to be ignorant, racist asswipes. That is very, VERY worrisome — especially if you happen to be US.

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  5. Do you read Heather Cox Richardson? She agrees with you.




    • Without education at least for kids, it’s an endless cycle. It has been an endless cycle for thousands — THOUSANDS — of years. Women, Jews, and anyone who doesn’t worship in exactly the same way have been hated since at the very least, 2000 years ago and probably before that. Hate is the black hole in the heart of humanity. We aren’t going to fix it because too many people don’t want it fixed — and they have money and a lot of power.


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