I was watching Colbert show from last Friday. He was doing “space news” for that section of monologue. So he says “Alexa will be going to space.” This was followed by a few dumb questions astronauts might ask Alexa. Generally our Alexas turn light on in a few places — like the driveway — and play exactly the wrong music no matter how you phrase the question, but Colbert got her all worked up.

At this point, in our Living Room Alexa springs into action and starts jabbering NASA statistics while Colbert is still on the same story. Colbert is talking, Alexa is babbling, and I’m laughing. I haven’t stopped laughing yet.

Maybe you just had to be here.

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  1. How funny! We don’t have Alexa or similar but I can still imagine how amusing this must have been 😂


  2. surreal and hilarious!


  3. I’ve had that happen when someone on TV says “Google” and suddenly my Google Home device starts talking. It’s funny and annoying at the same time!


    • This was particularly funny because he was doing a comedy bit — and he MUST have known that by saying it the way he did, it would trigger every Alexa in the same room as the television. When I talk to Garry about Alexa I can’t say her name — I have to POINT. Absurd, but yeah, funny.

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  4. I’ve had mine react to the TV once or twice even though it’s in another room. At least one YouTuber who talks about tech gadgets won’t say the word “Alexa” when he is talking about it in case it sets off Alexa’s all over the place. I actually changed the wake word on mine to “Computer”. Mostly because that’s what they say on “Star Trek”.


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