FOTD – January 16 – Yellow Rose

Not long ago, before inflation came and tried to kill us, flowers were affordable and my favorite were indeed yellow roses.

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  1. Reminds me a song …
    A nice song too.
    Figure I’ve bot most every color of Rose over the years, but have no recollection of yellow?


  2. Lovely… My favorites are yellow roses too!


  3. Yellow roses are my favourite flowers too, Marilyn. I also like sunflowers and tulips.


  4. mine is just a windblown Australian miniature – these are wonderful.


    • Garry got really good at choosing bouquets. Now, prices are terribly high and most of the nurseries have closed. Until new ones open, there won’t be many bouquets. I’m hoping that when new ones open they will be much better than the old ones which weren’t run by people who really knew what they were doing. They couldn’t even tell you what flower you were holding. They couldn’t tell a fuchsia from a fancy petunia — and they didn’t keep their plants healthy, either.


  5. These are beautiful. You can paint these too.


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