Thai series review, by Rich Paschall

One of the things I have done in the past year while we continue to hide out from the pandemic is to find new entertainment options online.  When you consider what is available from around the world, the options for movies and television series seem endless. I watched a number of foreign movies, full-length and short subjects. Now I have also added some foreign television series.

Recently I mentioned the Chinese series “Dive” and its Thai co-star Chanon Santinatornkul (nickname: Nonkul) when recommending Nonkul’s English language pop tune and music video, “Won’t Tell You.”  I also watched him in a previous Chinese series “Blowing in the Wind.”  He obviously had to dub in a lot of his dialogue in the 28 episodes of “Blowing in the Wind” as working in Chinese was new to him at the time. Since then the popular Thai Actor, singer, and model has been busy with a movie, television series, and photoshoots.

From there I discovered recommendations for other Thai series. I decided to go with Bad Buddy as I liked the series trailer and thought I would enjoy the story. It is a familiar theme.

Two rival families teach their boys to dislike one another. They are made to compete in everything. When one of the mothers discovers the two boys working together in a band at school, she has her son transferred away from there. The friendship comes to an end.

The story picks up years later when both of the boys end up at the same university. One becomes president of the Architecture students while the other becomes president of the Engineering students. The groups are rivals and often end up in fights. A problem sets in when the sister of one of the leaders makes him promise not to beat up the other. This goes back to a childhood incident. Of course, they are both supposed to fight the other. Their friends and their parents would expect as much.

Ohm (Left) and Nanon

Bad Buddy stars popular Thai actor Pawat Chittsawangdee (Ohm) as the boy trying not to fight his rival. Ohm originally did not want the part as he had already been in some series where he played a gay love interest. He changed his mind when he heard they were going to cast his close friend, fellow actor, and pop singer Korapat Kirdpan (Nanon). The two handsome actors are just 21 years old and longtime friends.  The chemistry between the hate and later love relationship is perfect. It has become one of the most-watched and most-streamed series in Thailand. A Filipino dubbed version drops a day later and an English captioned version can be found on the YouTube channel GMMTV and other platforms. You may need a VPN to catch it on some other websites where content is restricted to some countries.

You will find the YouTube channel your best option, although they like to insert a lot of commercials. Like most YouTube videos, you can skip most of the commercials after 5 seconds. You will also find the Thai-sponsored products as you go back into each of the 4 segments in the hour-long comedy-drama. It seems all college students need Canon printers, drink a particular brand of flavored tea, love peppermint inhalers (seriously) and use Nivea products. The product placement in the series is a bit overdone, but we can live with it since the boys are so likable.

As each episode airs, the show starts trending on Thai social media. A popular tag is #OhmNanon. The boys have become so popular together they can be seen everywhere: In commercials, series promotions, interviews, and fan meet-ups. You name it, they have done it. In addition, due to the rise of the coronavirus, the boys from the Bad Buddy series (not just Ohm and Nanon) were kept in a Safe House for weeks to keep from getting the virus. This was set up like Big Brother with plenty of cameras to stream the house for hours a day. As a result, we have plenty of internet hours of #OhmNanon.

The stars speak basic English, and while not so good at it, they did sit through a long streaming event in English for the Filipino channel that runs their show. Ohm and Nanon are both college students and hope to continue in the craft.

[SPOLIER ALERT: Stop reading now if you want to go watch this short series.}

For eleven episodes this has been mostly a romantic comedy. It did have its serious moments, even taking on how children are taught to hate one another based on the lies of the parents. It seemed like it was heading to an acceptable conclusion for the two based on the direction of episodes 10 and 11. Then the series dropped an ominous trailer for what is coming in the final episode.

Pat (Ohm) left, and Pran (Nanon)

If you are going to take us on a rom-com journey, we certainly would not expect a “star-crossed lovers” ending to this Romeo and Romeo affair (Pat and Pran, actually). That’s what the 30-second coming attraction gave us. Are we to see a break-up?  Will there be death for one or both of our stars? Will their parents finally succeed in crushing their sons’ love?  The voice-over promises the most shocking episode of 2022. OK, it’s only January. They have suggested the boys will be torn apart.

Yes, I know. TV series love to tease us with “scenes from our next episode” that often deceive us a bit, but this trailer was a little longer and seemed like it was meant to dash the hopes of all the #PatPran fans.  I will really be annoyed if that is the ultimate ending to this pleasant little series.

Instead of trailers, I will leave you with this song Nanon sings in the series. It is littered with clips from the show. Turn on captions for English. If you are not sure this guy is really popular, check out the number of views of this video:

Update: Ohm and Nanon confirmed in an interview Thursday that they filmed three different endings. They claim not to know what was chosen and they too will have to watch to see how it ends.

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  1. I’ve always thought Asian women were exceptionally beautiful and quite a few Asian men, too. In fact, my cousin is married to a Chinese man and he’s has always been a handsome dude. But attraction is so personal and specific. I, for example, find most standard — even beautiful — white people physically uninteresting — which has nothing to do with whether or not I like them as friends or companions. I’ve always preferred darker people. I love dark hair and dark eyes. Maybe because they remind me of the people I come from? I don’t know if physical attraction is something anyone can “calculate.”

    You are attracted to someone — or not. That’s where the magic happens 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • When I was young I thought beauty included blond hair and blue eyes. I have changed my perspective on that. In fact, my Colombian friend is very handsome as are a lot of the Latin men in my neighborhood. (I borrowed another picture of John for this Sunday’s story).
      I did not find the women of this series to be so attractive, but maybe it was due to the types they wanted. The women in the Chinese series were quite good looking.
      I commented on Ohm and Nanon already. Neither one is short or skinny. Since I watched a number of interviews of them, I also found them to be very interesting and talented people. They are college educated, speak multiple languages and really play the instruments they are playing in the series. What’s not to like?


  2. No interest ever in any Asian programming or movies, from Jet Li and all the other well known karate, and fighting legends, just don’t like them, never will. Just doesn’t appeal to me, rather watch other re-nuns millions of times over. Just me.
    The closest I ever got to watching entire movie of Asian star was in James Bond movie with female lead with Pierce Brosin? She was a great fighter, attractive and played a meaningful role.
    Mostly the men are not attractive or my physical type, too skinny and small as well as their features are feminine, even if well built, no body hair and too well groomed, “metro men”. I prefer a Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck or Chuck Norris type. Their young days, mine too. Perhaps off topic but just some of my thoughts about Asian films, not a fan.

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    • Each has his own type. I must admit I would not have been too interested when I was younger, but I think I have increased my viewpoint as far as foreign films go.
      As for the two leads, Ohm is 6 ft 1 in. and Nanon is a little shorter. Ohm works out and of course they find a couple scenes for him to take off his shirt. The series contains a rugby match with many of the students, so you will not find them to be skinny, small or feminine. I liked this group.



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