Fandango’s Provocative Question #105: Putting the Devil on social media – again


I’m not entirely sure they shouldn’t just hang him for treason, so the idea of putting that moron back on social media makes my blood run cold. Which upsets my pacemaker and undoes all the good work done by my blood pressure medication.

It’s no accident that I used a piece of my “murder of crows” sequence for this question. I want nothing in this world as much as I want DJT to vanish into the mist and to never have to hear his voice, his name, or some bizarre idea that sprung from his so-called brain. He may not have an original idea or any knowledge of history or even the ability to read a few pages of text, but he seems for reasons completely inexplicable to me, the ability to rouse people. Maybe it’s the same thing I could never understand about Hitler. He was such a ratty little asshole. How could an entire country and ultimately, multiple nations follow this sleazy man? What did he have?

Apparently the ability to rouse people to do violence to others doesn’t require an education, knowledge, or a modicum of common sense or decency. You just need that special something — the bellwether factor. If you haven’t read the book, written by Connie Willis titled “Bellwether,” please take the time to read it. Because she pins down something that we all wonder. Why do the sheep — or sheep-like people — follow the bellwether? There is no answer. There’s just something about that sheep — or that president or prime minister or insane religious leader — who makes others follow him or her, though mostly, this does seem to be mostly men.


There’s no explaining everything, but putting DJT back on social media would be to open the door to the dark yawning pit. AGAIN. I honestly don’t think I could survive another round of him. I don’t think I will ever forgive him for the damage he has done to our democracy, our climate, our health, or morals, our civility. Everything that was easy and required no thought — like simple good manners and basic kindness — he made heroic by being such a bad person.

When you finally extract a great evil from your world, you don’t put him back. The damage he has done he can do again. Even if he can’t (and we have no assurance of that yet) become president again, he can keep the hate going. He can rile up the deplorables and he can keep the lies rolling off his forked tongue.

As I started out, I think he should be hanged for treason, so the idea of putting him back on social media is nauseating. I think my answer to your question is: NO NO NO NO NO!

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  1. I remember this from last year. Not much has changed, has it?


  2. Are the social media outlets seriously considering putting that man back on? That’s crazy!


  3. I agree: No! I do not understand him it at all. I can’t understand how anyone would like anything about that creature.


    • We are not followers. It’s obvious by what we say, what we do, who we are. You were probably never a follower of anyone (let’s not count comedians, writers, artists, etc. because that’s not the kind of following I mean) and never will be. You think, you choose, you know history, you are thoughtful, intelligent, and able to use words — and even write a complete sentence using punctuation and correct spelling! Why would you follow a moron like that? Why would I?

      Over the years, I’ve gotten a number of invitations to follow people who really WERE good people — but I couldn’t do it even then. I just don’t follow. I don’t think I have it in me. I doubt you do either.

      Maybe it’s the whole “writer” thing? I don’t know why anyone follows — blindly or with weird ideas based on innuendo, rumor, and ill-will — but they do and often in huge numbers. There IS something inherently wrong with humanity and this capacity to follow the wrong people for reasons that seem insane is the heart of it.

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      • No, I could not see you ever being a follower! I don’t know why some people are and some aren’t. And most likely you were like me and danced to your own drummer from a very early age (never marched to any drummer 😉 ).
        As you said with reference to the Bell weather book, nobody knows why some people are followers, some bell-weathers and some independent. I think we are writers (and artists and comedians) because of that free-thinking, not the other way around.


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