FOTD – January 22 – Orchids

I used to have blooming orchids. Now, I have healthy, big green orchid leaves — but not a flower or even a bud in sight. Alas! I hope as the year rolls into spring, the orchids will reconsider blooming. Meanwhile, I have pictures by which to remember them.

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  1. Just read that to rebloom a Phalaenopsis orchid, you need to give it a night-time temperature drop of maybe 15 degrees. The source said near a window opened at night would do. https://youtu.be/n0OIbXk-Pwk.


    • I’ve rebloomed them before and didn’t need any open windows which, this time of year, is a tad unrealistic. Anyway, I can’t open those windows because they are actually French doors.

      It’s bit chilly here right now. It was zero last night, though I think we are back into the 30s today. Anyway, I’ve rebloomed these three orchids three times already and never had to open any windows. What I did do that is probably why they are happy and healthy, but NOT blooming is repotting them. I had no choice. They were going to die completely unless they were given new soils and enough room to grow. Now, it’s resting and all I can do is wait. They will bloom when they are ready. It’s the same room, the same light, and it never gets very warm there. Patience can be a bit trying.


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