It was the middle of the night and for reasons I cannot explain, I needed to draw a Blue Jay. So I did. I’m not unhappy with this — not because it’s a perfect rendering of the Jay, but because it looks like a Blue Jay. No one who knows even a little bit about birds could fail to see what it is.

Not great art, but absolutely a Blue Jay. I never get the eyes quite right. Also, the bird isn’t pudgy, but he has a very deep layer of feathers. Like most other animals who winter in the cold. They grow more fur, more feathers, more body fat. You can really see the difference if you have time to look carefully.

That was “it” for the day. I try to do at least one drawing or painting every day so I don’t let the course be forgotten, but some days, I’m just too tired by the end of the day to do anything. I suspect this is going to one of those days.

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  1. Kudos! Thanks for sharing, Marilyn.


    • I’m spending more time drawing than photographing, though yesterday I did put some time into shooting that lone Grackle. I am really happy to share. I keep hoping it will push someone with more money and power than me to do something that REALLY makes a difference. It may be a forlorn hope, but it’s the only one I’ve got left.


  2. That’s really good – not just recognisable but GOOD !!


    • Thank you VERY much! Maybe it’s better than I think? It’s hard for me to tell. To me, it looks amateurish — but at least it is reasonably accurate. Of course, I’m comparing what I’m doing to lifetime professional artists which might make my expectations more than a bit unrealistic.


  3. Awesome! Great drawing

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  4. awww! Nice! Now you can sleep knowing you did a drawing! 😀

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    • I’d laugh because you are so cute, but you know, I went to bed last night — and then had to get back up to drew something. I’m notoriously bad at sticking to projects. I’m trying to make sure this one doesn’t fall by the wayside as so many others have.


  5. Nice sketch.
    I sometimes wish I had artistic skills but am pragmatic enough to admit my limitations.

    Looking forward to more of your sketches. 🙂

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  6. I’m impressed! I think it’s a great sketch, Marilyn.

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    • Thank you — and from you, a great compliment.

      I was just glad it was recognizably a Blue Jay. I can’t be an artist because I lack the patience to wait long enough for paint to dry. I hope I improve with practice. The NEXT time I try painting, I really have to let the paint dry. I talk to myself about it every day. “Marilyn. LET THE PAINT DRY. Omm.”

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      • I have no skill with drawing. I envy those who can.

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        • I can draw a little. Every once in a while I do something better than I expect, but mostly, I can draw, kind of. I suppose we could all have been many things but I think writing really WAS my thing. In all the years I worked as an editor and writer, I never regretted it.

          Although occasionally, when I look at our depleted funds, I think I should have been a plumber. They make GREAT money and when you need a plumber? You REALLY need a plumber.

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