I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I draw birds better than anything else. Probably it’s all the time I spend watching them, taking pictures of them, feeding them, cleaning up the godawful mess they make on the decks. Birds are incredibly messy. (Cleanliness is not one of their virtues.) In the course of events, their shape and general colors and demeanor.

Sometimes, my intentions, artistically-speaking, get lost as I draw. I get into the design rather than the details of the actual item. I’m not sure if this is entirely a bad thing. I think it’s the wrong thing for the moment because I’m trying to learn how to draw and I need to go step by step and deal with “design” later.

Or — maybe not. I actually don’t know.

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  1. Your birds are charming. Keep it up…..


  2. Very nice Marilyn!


  3. Very nice apple! The birds are beautiful


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