I put out extra food for the birds and squirrels today because given predictions, I might not be able to get to the feeders tomorrow. In particular, I put out extra mealworm suet. I know it sound disgusting to us, but for the birds and squirrels, this is high octane very caloric food. Birds burn through their food fast which is why they eat so much. Birds typically will eat their own body weight in food — every day — and more if they are breeding or if the weather is very cold.

Our local news is going complete crazy. We haven’t had a serious blizzard in three years. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation closed the interstates. Almost all business that are not emergency services will be closed as we’re expecting white-out conditions.

The Guv has warned everyone — EVERYONE! — to stay home. Universal snow day, y’all! Heavy winds are expected, so Garry moved the wood feeder over the deck. If the wind blows it down, at least it will land on the deck and not somewhere in the woods.

We might lose power. I hope we don’t — we usually don’t or if we do, it’s briefly — but if you don’t hear from me, that’s why.

With all my complaints about snow, there’s nothing I love quite as much as watching snow fall, seeing it change the world into crystalline magic. I hate the problems of walking, driving and just getting things done, but for all that, the magic of a big snowfall is alive after all these years.

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