This family takes pictures. Everyone. From grandma and grandpa through son and on to granddaughter, we all take pictures. Kaity does her own processing and has her own subscription to Photoshop. Here, in this house, I do the processing. On a day, like yesterday, when everyone is taking pictures, it got a bit like a factory with people handing me SD cards and me working as fast as I could to sort them out to find the clearest shots.

Taken through the front window

Garry was using Owen’s tough camera. It’s an Olympus’s Tough TG-6 Digital. Waterproof, rugged, designed to deal with cold and hot weather, water (you can take it swimming), sand, getting dropped. It has a 7X zoom lens and it’s pretty fast, too. You can buy it a life vest so if you drop it out of a boat, you might be able to use a boat hook to catch it before the tide or current takes it away.

This was just as well since Garry kept falling in the snow. The camera did not mind and like those old Timex watches, it just kept ticking.

Taken from the front steps (outside)

The only problem was that the lens — between the falling snow and the falling Garry — became coated with snow. This did not improve the optics.

Through the front window which had its own pile of snow along the bottom

My pictures are fuzzy for a different reason. Although I was shooting from inside the house, outside the snow was falling so heavily it looked like fog. I have a bunch of pictures that are good from the point of view of content, but I’m not sure if any amount of processing will make them less hazy. It turns out, the haze filter doesn’t work on snow. Because (duh), snow isn’t haze.

Owen’s were taken both outside and through the front picture window. His two pictures of the birds on the deck are already in a different post set to go tomorrow.

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  1. I think I can smell the snow… wonderful!


  2. So much snow ❄️

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    • Sure is. But hey, that is exactly what was predicted by the one weatherman who always gets it right. He sent us a private note, warning us to be careful.

      We did okay and we got shoveled out too. Not perfectly, but it has warmed up and most of this will disappear fast. Which (sigh) will mean floods. All that snow suddenly will be water!

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  3. I hope that Kaity’s boyfriend is also a photographer or he is going to feel very left out :-).
    The trees give an eerie appearance don’t they?

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  4. These have a vintage feel to me, which I think is pretty. My favorite shot is the one from the front steps. The fence, the snow-covered shrubs, the distant trees–a truly wonderful view.

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    • What’s funny is that color isn’t by design. The light kept changing throughout the storm. Usually it’s very bright during a snowstorm. The sky is white and while the sun isn’t shining, the world is very bright. Yesterday was different. The snow was coming down, dropping 2 to 4 inches per hours and you couldn’t see the sky. You couldn’t see anything beyond a couple of hundred feed. After that, it was “foggy by snowflake.”

      I took a lot of pictures, but I’m not sure how many will be usable. They are surprisingly dark. Without that bright white sky, it was a hurricane of snow. A good day to stay INside.

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