FOTD – January 30 – Indoor Plants Post Blizzard

I love the morning after a big snowstorm. The air is as clear as our air ever gets and the sun seems brighter. Certainly all that bright sun gleaming on the piles and heaps of snow — two feet of it — will shed some light if merely by reflection.

The philodendron in the kitchen need to be repotted and broken into multiple pieces — two or three. I’ll know for sure when I see the roots. I doubt there is any soil left in that pot. It must be all roots by now. I can’t repot it until the snow melts because my potting soil is outside, frozen in a drift of snow.

Long view of flowers in the dining room with piles of snow on the deck
Jade tree — loving the sun
Plants on the left include ivy, an orchid, and our ever-blooming Anthurium
Anthurium — still blooming. Almost four years

Nothing but the Anthurium is blooming, but everything — except the old philodendron — looks healthy. It will bloom in its time. When plants are resting up after blooming, then being repotted, the words to the wise are “Be patient. All will be will.”

Rumor has it that the temperature is going to go up into the 40s before the week is out and with some luck, two feet of snow will melt into the aquifer before next weekend. Come on, sun.


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  1. From the looks of it you go a lot of snow, and I mean a lot. Although your green indoor plants looks so nice and comfy. 😀 😀


    • We go two feet p0lus a bit. It depends where you measured. But hey, they got the forecast absolutely right and everyone was prepared if they chose to be. There are always a few idiots who refuse to prepare and are the first people whine about losing power, too.

      Now it’s warming up. I’m hoping it will melt fast. I love snow for about 24 hours. After that, I’m ready for the next season. It’s a bit early for spring, I fear. We’ve got two more months of full winter — and the beginning of April can be dicey too.

      But we never know what going to happen. Our weather has ALWAYS been erratic and now, it’s just more and worse of the same. At least snow is pretty to look at, though it turns out, remarkably hard to draw!


  2. Lucky indoor plants! That’s quite a build-up of snow you have out there.


    • Biggest January blizzard ever, though not the biggest blizzard. We’ve had bigger ones in February, March, and one blockbuster in the late 1990s which dropped almost three feet of snow on April 1st — all of which melted in about four days, thus flooding the previously snow-filled streets. We get mega weather here. Of all the places I know of, this has got to be the hardest place to predict. Worse now, but never easy. I have to collect myself and go feed birds.

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    • Worse, they are now predicting MORE snow next weekend. it’s going to be one of THOSE winters when we just get snow after snow and have to hire people to shovel the roof before it collapses from the weight of snow. That’s assuming we can find someone to do the work.

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