Month: February 2022


I was trying to figure out why I want to draw pictures more than anything else. I was getting complicated when I realized I just wanted a change. I’ve been blogging for 12 years. That’s longer than any job I… Read More ›


FOTD – February 26 – Solomon’s Seal Every spring, one of the first of the wildflowers to appear are Solomon’s Seal. This is purely a wildflower. They were growing along the edge of our woods. I encouraged them by giving them… Read More ›


I am so demoralized by everything, Are we having Word War III but no one is noticing because we’re also having some really bad weather? I’m having trouble coping with life. Not just blogging. Everything. The only place I feel… Read More ›

A Bad Move North to Aydon Castle

I haven’t been in the blogsphere much recently, for which I apologise, but I’ve been completely preoccupied with preparing our house for market. We’re making a big move this year, and this has taken up most of my attention for…