January ended with the biggest ever blizzard for the month of January. We have had bigger blizzards in other months, but this one was the winner for January. Not to worry because now they are predicting more snow next weekend. I hope we get some melting in between.

Life is speeding along. I wish it would slow down a bit. Just a bit.


What is one topic you love to talk about?

History and if that doesn’t work, how about ecology? Okay, then let’s talk about time travel and fantasy and novels. Or photography.

Just let’s not talk about our government or politics. Not unless I’m absolutely sure you agree with me 100%. I’m just not up for another pointless argument during which I am forbidden by the rules of civility which I practice (but you might not) to not tell you that I think you are a total moron. Since I can’t say what I think, I’d just as soon skip the experience.

Suppose there was a magical wizard standing right in front of you and you could turn your life into anything you wanted, what would you do? ‘  

I would have to tell him to resign because I need to be Chief Top Wizard In Charge of the World. I’m going to magic away pollution, regrow our forests, eliminate malls and maybe send humans back to dwelling in caves. That is more than merely pre wi-fi. It’s pre flush toilets. Humanity needs a reboot — and I’m just the gal to make it happen!

Quote from “Good Omens” — Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman’s

Could you adjust to life without any internet?

Notes: This means the net has failed. There is no cyber connection.  Things have gone back to pre-Wi-Fi. We’d have to use land-line telephones write letters by hand — and mail them.  Paper newspapers and magazines.  Paper books.  !! You do NOT have to go back to ledgers and paper because we invented calculators and electronic bookkeeping devices long before the internet. !! Also, you still have a calculator. They are also pre wi-fi. You have DVD and CDs and tapes. Records. Speakers. if you are rich, you can install a phone in your car. They had them back in the 1930s.

Well, first of all, I grew up in that pre-cyber world and there was much to recommend it. We didn’t have the net, but we talked on the phone and the mail actually got delivered in a day or two, not weeks. We also (gasp) went visiting and read books. Before we had the internet, you could buy Books On Tape and Recorded Books — and a couple of others — both on tape, and then on CD. Actually, that was easier to use in a car, too. We had tape recorders, voice records, television, radio, recordings on vinyl and CD and we bought movies and played them on our DVD players. We still have analog everything as well as digital everything else.

Living without the internet is more a matter of not being able to be as close to people who live in other countries or even in this one, but very far away. Email would be a loss, but if I never went near social media again, I’d be JUST find. I also wouldn’t mind going back to newspapers that actually carried the news, not just headlines.

I still buy my OWN media — recordings and movies. We have an unstable internet connection and I don’t want to be entirely dependent on WiFi. We even have a couple of turntables! DVD players AND movies. And far, far too many books.

I think of all the things I’d miss, it would be email. I think for Garry it would be access to all the movies ever made that still exist (many more were made but have disappeared). But we’d manage because that’s the world we grew up in and there were many aspects of it that were better. People were better. They didn’t spent their lives on their phone or on a computer. We talked to each other. Conversations were important and no one was silly enough to think “social media” held the “real” answers to LIFE.

As for land line phones, I wish! They were so much more dependable than anything we have invented since. And not all fidgety. They always worked, even if the power was out. And we could hear each other. By the way, they were using telephones in cars back in the 1930s. Not everything was invented since computerization. We actually had a lot of stuff BEFORE that. Enough to get us to the moon — 1969 — NO INTERNET!

Bad moon over Barnstable

I finally need to point out that computers existed long before the Internet came of age in the early 1990s. Computerization was an issue in the 1940s. That IS how we got to the moon. No internet, no connectivity, but absolutely computers. Relatively primitive compare to what we have now, but it blasted us out of this world and onto another.

If we could get to the moon without WiFi, I think we can manage to run the rest of our lives too. We might need to hire more people. Sounds good to me.

What do you think is unique about the human ‘animal’ (homo sapiens)?

Our determination to do the absolutely wrong thing. As a species, we have an issue with reality. We want what we want. If reality won’t give it do us, then we invent a god or a gadget or we turn a gadget into a god.

Bill Bramhall, New York Daily New editorial cartoon

The one thing we don’t do is the right thing because it IS the right thing. We never had a great grip on the whole “right-wrong, good-bad” concept, but recently we’ve gone from bad to hopeless.

We don’t need to be perfect, but surely we can do better than whatever it is we are currently doing.

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  1. We are supposed to get a blizzard tonight so we will send it your way when we are done. I went to the post office today (Kedzie-Grace) and I see they did not shovel the handicapped ramp and half of their stairs from the snow a week ago. I guess they think no elderly or handicapped never show up. I did see what looked like wheelchair tracks on the ramp. The Trumpster running the postal service has successfully ruined a good service and destroyed morale there. After tonight it will probably be quite the adventure to get in there.


    • I haven’t gone outside except to feed the birds. I’ve taken so many falls in this weather, I’m just avoiding doing my usual almost comedic fall. Also, I’m running out of eyeglasses to break.

      The mail is pretty bad and it was pretty good before. I wonder if we will ever get it back to where it was. I somehow doubt it. Once it mess it up, it tends to stay messed up. It’s better now than it was a year ago, but not good and undependable. That’s the worst part — it’s lack of dependability. You mail it then pray it actually GETS there.

      We do a pretty good job shoveling around here. We have LOTS of other issues, but shovel? That we do reasonably well.

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  2. Thanks Marilyn for Sharing Your World! I worked at a bank in 1978-80 and I saw the computers ‘of the day’ – there was a special room, temperature controlled, a ‘clean’ room too because dust and static made those huge gigantic machines act up. One programmed them with punch cards. I knew someone once whose profession was a punch card programmer. Another obsolete job these days. My first inclination for a college ‘major’ was computer programmer actually. I never followed through because I didn’t know about the math skills required to do that job. It is the connectivity that would be lost if the net failed, and not all those other things of course. But my thought was that many of those other things now rely on the internet to function. My TV? Is “smart” (I had no idea and I would not have bought it had I realized it had that stuff programmed in). My cell phone is ‘smart’ (and annoying as hell), but I only keep it around in case I get stranded somewhere (where hopefully there’s a signal). I wouldn’t mind being unreachable by phone at all actually, my landline has to suffice. I loved the photos and the funnies (spot on). I think humanity has forgotten where it came from in a sense. And therefore it is lost. I love your perspective and have learned a thing or three from reading your post. Most excellent. Have a great week!


    • This is why NOTHING except a couple of lights — one outside, one in our bedroom — are controlled by anything other than a simple switch. I just shelled out for a new stove because ours no longer cooks at a consistent temperature. We eat at home ALL the time, so we need a stove. I absolutely did NOT want anything wi-fi connected. Who needs to be worrying about all those connections? It’s hard enough keeping our computers and streaming services functional. No need to add more. I have wi-fi in all my cameras and have never used it.

      Our cell phone is smart, but I’m not. I text if I must, make phone calls (yes — still makes phone calls!) — and play solitaire. I have a connection to run my heart machine so I don’t have to go to the hospital every 3 months, but that’s about 3 minutes every three months. Otherwise? I use the camera so I don’t have to find a bank. Ours closed our local branch and while the other is in the exactly the opposite direction from where we usually go for everything else.

      I have not bought into using wi-fi for everything and never will. Too fragile. The line goes down or a squirrel chews up a line? No, thanks. I’ll just turn it on myself!


  3. good point marilyn about getting to the moon without wifi! If we did that, we can do anything!

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  4. Yes, we can survive the loss of internet but what about blogging?
    Your response about uniqueness of humans is spot on.

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